When do online school semesters start?

When do online school semesters start?

With the popularity of online schools today, gone are the days of crammed family time and small window trips where everyone is available. It’s hard to believe that just ten years ago, most families had to curtail their schedules to accommodate their local school district’s schedules and breaks. Thank goodness there are more options available now!

As busy as life gets, flexible and self-directed accredited school options like those offered by Excel Medium other High School are a safe and convenient way to provide your student with a high-quality education. Being able to provide your student with a quality education while giving them a chance to become a well-rounded human being is just one of the benefits of online education. With open enrollment, any day of the year can be the first day of the school year with Excel.


Excel offers flexibility in our programs so students can graduate earlier or take a little longer to study. Flexible scheduling means your student can work on one or two classes at a time if that works best for them, or fly through their classes if they’re motivated. Your student can start school at whatever time of year works best for your family, and can also finish earlier. If your student wants to take a longer half-term break, our 12-month flexible program allows your family to decide on a schedule that works best for you.

Own pace

Because our programs are self-paced, it means your family can schedule trips whenever it makes sense for you! No longer do you have to travel to special destinations at the exact same time as thousands of other desperate families, crammed into theme parks or queuing for historical monuments. Students’ programs are self-paced, meaning that if they complete their level within 12 months of enrolment, they can take the time off they need to explore the world around them.

No more makeup work

Sure, most in-person schools will allow families to schedule vacations outside of the regular school schedule, but the preparation and loss of time for in-person instruction can be devastating to a student’s understanding and academic growth. If you have a student who, for whatever reason, is struggling to make up work when they miss school, online programs like those with Excel are a convenient and responsive alternative.

Because our program eliminates the excessive time-wasting that most in-person classes get stuck with, students can feel free to take time off while still staying on schedule. If they need a day off for mental or physical health reasons, they can take it, and when they return to class, no one will leave them behind. If they don’t understand a concept, they can get help through built-in online tutoring train the brain without falling behind. If they want to take a few days off for a unique community event, cultural experience or family visit, they can!


Excel also offers a wide range of enrichments optional subjects to make sure your student gets access to topics that interest them. We even offer honors and advanced AP courses, ACE courses, California approved courses, SAT prep, college level courses, and a variety of STEM options. Your kids won’t be limited as Excel learners.

A world of opportunity

As the world in traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms becomes increasingly uninspiring, stifling, and small, the world of opportunity is expanding and becoming more accessible to online students. The world beyond the walls of traditional brick and mortar schools is out there for students to experience online!

You can view all our programs at our pages. However, if you have questions about our programs, please feel free to contact our academic experts by texting 952-465-3700 or calling 800-620-3844. We are happy to find a program that will fit your family’s needs.

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