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Healthy eating, exercise and muscle building are healthy and becoming more and more of a trend. But what if this truly healthy lifestyle becomes an addiction and anything but healthy? What is behind the Adonis complex or muscle addiction? what is it? How do you know it?

Adonis complex

Adonis complex or muscle addiction or also called muscle dysmorphia or “reverse anorexia” is one of them. An eating disorder that affects mostly men. This makes it the only eating disorder that affects more men than women. and anorexia for example, a significantly higher proportion of women have bulimia. Experts disagree on whether it does eating disorder or rather obsessive-compulsive disorder act though many of Symptoms resemble anorexia I would. Unlike anorexia, sufferers would not see themselves as too fat, but as too thin and not very muscularregardless of how much muscle they actually have.

This distorted body image, also called body schema disorder, is also typical of anorexia. In the case of muscle dependence, see himself as slim and not very muscular even though they already have a lot of muscle. The disorder also occurs in bodybuilders, which is particularly evident in the distorted body image during the disorder.

Those affected, yes they exercise excessively and pay extra attention to their dietbuild more and more muscle mass. In contrast to sports addiction, these are precisely those that are in the foreground in muscle addiction and not only in sports.

Excessive training and strict attention to nutrition only goes so far they significantly limit the daily life of the disabled and reduce their quality of life. The disabled would inform about it, about sports and diet compulsive chase and lose control of him. and passages constantly revolves around the topics of body, muscle, sports and nutrition, with little or no room for anything else. Hence the dispute between experts described at the beginning, whether it is an eating disorder or an obsessive-compulsive disorder.


The possible cause of the Adonis complex is similar to the possible cause of anorexia, which is prevalent in society ideal of beauty. Muscles in men are seen as attractive and desirable and seem to be a path to success and recognition. Accordingly, this image of the well-trained man is also ubiquitous in media such as movies, magazines, and more.

However, muscle dependence can also have other causes. Influencing the body can identity should be considered as it can create a sense of self-efficacy. At first, people might feel that they can take their lives into their own hands.

But also the earlier ones experiences with bullying and low self-esteem can play a role in creating and maintaining it, as well as Inability to adequately resolve conflicts. Muscle addiction usually builds one attempt to master of any kind.

Also character could play a role. So many sufferers are very a perfectionist and he should have one negative self-esteem and be it longer dissatisfied with their body.

of family background may also play a role. For example, family members with eating disorders could make their relatives more likely to have an eating disorder.

Once you decide to exercise more and build muscle, you would first successes they often don’t keep you waiting long. This is not a problem at first because exercise and a healthy diet are healthy. and Positive feedback from the environment could further reinforce the behavior. If a number of factors then came together, muscle dependence could develop.

The causes listed here are just some of the possible ones and should in no way be considered final, complete or universal. Like any disorder, muscle dependence is usually a a complex interplay of various factors and cannot be traced back to the cause.

Possible consequences and symptoms

Adonis complex could have serious consequences. On the one hand, an excessive training and nutrition plan can lead to the handicaps becoming more and more withdrawn socially isolating. There is no time left for friends or other social contacts. This may be due to another consequence, namely a possible training addiction, be conditional. If training is not possible, irritability, low mood and restlessness can result. This could also be a sign of muscle dependence.

Besides, they can overvoltage through sport to a higher level risk of injury to lead, as well as to fatigue and apathy. A disorder that often occurs together is also Depression.

With a one-sided diet intended only for building muscles, deficiencies may also appear and, as a result, k deficiency symptoms.

To be further impotence a possible consequence of the disorder in men, as anabolic steroid use is common. This and continued overexertion can lead to ka decreased libido and also lead to impotence. Taking anabolic steroids can also lead to serious cardiovascular problems.

If steroids would marry, one might be here dependence develop.

The consequences and possible symptoms shown are the same as the causesonly options and neither complete, definitive nor universal. Like any disorder, muscle addiction is a complex interplay of various factors, and therefore can take on different forms on an individual basis. If there are any signs or concerns, those affected or their loved ones should seek medical attention.

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