Was machen nach dem Abitur während Corona?

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This year is a lot different than usual. Especially for young people who left school this year, this means changing some plans. Many ask themselves: What to do after high school during Corona? What are the options in this situation? what can you do

Much is different

What to do after high school during Corona? These and similar questions are currently being asked by many young people. With them, it was often already clear what would happen after high school. Many planned one gap yearwanted as Aw couple abroad, Work and travel do or one language course occupy abroad. All of these things are now difficult or impossible to implement due to the coronavirus. Our life has changed Changes, especially related to the desire to travel and international mobility. Being an au pair in the US or working and traveling in Australia is hardly or not at all conceivable under the current circumstances. What remains is often foiled plans and a continued desire for new experiences, new cultures and interesting encounters.

But also young people who Start of studies they planned, faced the unexpected challenges. There are new digital teaching methods, student life is almost non-existent on campus and this also highlights the question of how new social contacts can be made.

The situation for high school graduates is anything but ideal in this turbulent Corona period and a lot needs to be re-evaluated and re-planned. But what opportunities do high school graduates have this year? what can you do

Gain international experience

International opportunities such as an au pair stay, work and travel or language courses have been particularly popular with high school graduates in recent years. The desire to travel and the desire for distant countries and cultures, as well as the desire to experience something completely different after school, is often very prominent in young people. All these things cannot really be implemented due to the turbulent and ever-changing Corona period. The question “What to do after high school during Corona?” ” many of these young people ask themselves. of A dream of international experiences However, you don’t have to give up after high school because there are a number of ways to do it from home. A few are listed below.

One thing is online workcamps. Different numbers of young people from different countries meet here online to work together for a period of time on one Project work. These projects can very different areas Come. There are work camps for environmental protection, sports, stress management, music, DIY, art and much more. People usually come to an agreement among themselves English and can thus train and improve their language skills. International contacts can also be established in this way. Such work camps can be organized in Database of SCI workcamps as away from the house can be found under the keyword digital, online or virtual.

If you are reluctant to work on a specific project and just want to connect with other young people from around the world and exchange ideas, you can Erasmus+ virtual exchange to be something This offer is aimed at young people between 18 and 30 yearswho live in Europe and speak English, French or Arabic. It’s all about one thing intercultural exchangein which opinions, views and ideas can be exchanged and discussed with the help of moderators.

Another way to gain international experience online is voluntarilyeg through this United Nations Volunteers Programme. You can enter here many different areas to contribute, among others, in the field of journalism, in the field of art or in the field of public relations or translation. Exactly what you need to take with you to each project and how heavily and for how long you are involved can vary and therefore need to be researched individually.

If you don’t like these options, you don’t have to give up on your dream of gaining experience abroad. Because a stay abroad can take place not only immediately after graduation, but even during studies or during training. So you can semester abroad do or but as an apprentice abroad.

Those who do not want to study directly or start an apprenticeship can do so voluntary social or environmental year or federal voluntary service here in Germany graduate You can find more about this in our post: What to do after high school? possibilities and prospects.


As mentioned above, high school graduates who want to start studying can also ask themselves the question “What are you doing after high school during Corona?” “. Because things change here too. So one was found preparatory coursesto a large extent even before the start of the studies online they will take place and not as face to face. Even Freshers’ Weeks cannot take place as usual and it is still largely unclear whether and to what extent face-to-face events will be offered in the winter term.

It’s also different beginning of lectures, i.e. the moment when studies begin for first-semester students or when lectures and events start again. Most of the courses of this winter semester do not start until the end of October or beginning of November and therefore about a month later than usual. Application deadlines were also extended, which meant that even approvals were sent later. So everything starts a little later than usual.

It can be assumed that at least some, if not many or perhaps all Lectures and seminars again in the winter semester online will be held. One advantage for first-year students is that these courses are available online already tried and implemented last summer semester became. It can therefore be assumed that universities in the winter semester well equipped and located they are for other digital offers and events and can build on an established concept. Currently looking for one A mix of face-to-face and digital learning in the winter semester. However, since this Corona period is turbulent, a resumption of the transition to purely online education cannot be ruled out.

It will be largely new at many universities The first weeks to adapt to the current situation. It is here that universities and, in some cases, individual departments organize this week individually different. Digital events and performances can be held, as well as face-to-face meetings. A joint tour of pubs cannot be expected. Nevertheless, universities try to make the start of their studies as pleasant as possible for freshmen, so that they can settle in well in their studies and possibly also in a new city. Although it is a transition, new students can try itto make contacts during any digital fresh weeks, because the situation is the same for all freshmen and, despite everything, almost everyone would like to establish contacts and new contacts. Even if the contact is established in a different way than usual, it does not have to be completely neglected.


The question “What to do after high school during Corona?” “So many young people are asking themselves. Although popular options such as au pairs, work and travel and language courses will not go according to plan and the start of your studies is also different than usual, there are still some opportunities for young people. Here is various digital offerings, with which you can have international experience from home. There are, among other things, digital workcamps, digital offer from Eramsus+ and digital volunteer work. One way to gain experience in Germany without directly starting your studies or training is FSJ, BFD or FÖJ close. If you want to start studying, you have to prepare for a slightly different start. So he became beginning of lectures postponed to early November, there will probably be one A mix of digital and in-person events give and also The first weeks must be adjusted will. However, universities are already in the digital sphere tested and can rely on experiences from the summer semester. After all, the beginning of the course for freshmen should be as pleasant as possible, even if it has to be remotely.

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