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Now the time has come, the children have completed (almost) the 6th year of age, the time of attending kindergarten is coming to an end and enrollment in school is approaching inexorably. This tumultuous time when school is about to start is an exciting time for everyone involved. What should you consider? What is important when registering? What needs to be done?

A few months before enrollment

It is at the very beginning of the enrollment process school enrollment child, which is usually payable a year in advance. The registration process varies from state to state. For more information, please contact the relevant school office or the like in good time.

Also part of the formal requirements that belong to school enrollment school entrance exam at the doctor. Here, it is checked whether the child is medically ready to go to school. Among other things, the child’s language development, coordination and balance are tested.

Also some time in advance can be helpful future school together with the child. Days in open the doorwhich is offered by a number of elementary schools. On these days, the school will open to prospective students and the school will introduce itself and its concept. A similar offer is also available in some Day care centers that cooperate with elementary schools and therefore attend primary school on the same day as future pupils. Another possibility to get to know the school in advance is festivals or other open events that take place attend elementary school.

In addition, it can be useful to find out in advance which friends from elementary school will be in the classroom or at least at school together with the child.

Someone should go further things are practiced, if the child cannot do them independently. This includes, for example, the sole Dress, which is important for a child, among other things, after physical education and before it. You can do that too way to school practice together so it’s no longer new and uncertain.

If it is necessary for the parents, they must also order it in time afternoon care children are taken care of. This may mean enrolling in an open day school or other childcare options for hours between school and after the parents work.

The last point that can be addressed a few months before enrolling in school is Reconstruction of the children’s room. This means that e.g desk and corresponding chair is provided where the child can do homework in the future. However, this step can also be taken a few weeks before enrolling in school, when the change is already more noticeable for children.

A few weeks before enrollment

School enrollment is coming up and will be in a few weeks or 2 or 3 months. Now among other things get everythingwhat a child needs to enter school. The most important dish is, of course briefcase. The bag should be there when you buy it some things to consider. Of course, the child should like the look, but the fit and safety of the bag are at least as important. So it can be helpful get advice from a specialist shop. Important factors include weight (when full, it should not weigh more than 10 to 15 percent of the child’s body weight), cut (including padding on the back, adaptation to the size and shape of the child), weather resistance (including water repellency) and safety (including reflective strips).

Next must be a Penalty to be worried A folding pencil case, in which the pens are neatly stored in loops, is better at first than the so-called “sloppy” pencil cases, in which the pens are simply placed in a disorderly manner. The child should have a say in the appearance of the pencil case.

Other materials such as craft supplies (paint box, brush, scissors, glue, etc.), stationery (pens, sharpeners, erasers, etc.), laptops and school books they need to be taken care of in time. Parents are usually told exactly what the primary school needs.

They also need to be taken care of together gym bag and Sportswear, such as T-shirts, indoor and outdoor shoes, and short and long tracksuits. Parents can also shop here with their children and involve them in making decisions so that they really like the items.

One lunch box and drinking bottle they are also important and must be obtained before registration. Again, the child should be included.

Also Clothes that the child will wear to school should be selected together.

Of course, when preparing for school enrollment, the following must not be missing, namely the School cone. This is essential and what children look forward to the most. The school cone can too purchased or self-made be, but it should in any case correspond to the taste of the child. Filled out it should be just as individual. TO classics including stationery and sweets. But there are also a few other little things like a wallet, key chain or watch that are fun and useful for the start of school. A few toys such as stuffed animals, stickers or small puzzles are also a great idea.

The last thing to start is a few weeks before school starts get ready for the party to register. family and friends should invitation on time will, as registration usually takes place on a weekday. What the celebration will look like can be entirely up to you individually be. It can be a barbecue party or we eat together at a restaurant or we eat together at home or or or. There are plenty of opportunities here, but the only thing that should be important is to do something together if possible, which the child also does fun and joy prepared.

Days to hours before enrollment

Enrollment is fast approaching and many things have already been taken care of. In the last days before the start of school attendance, it can be, among other things, the so-called daily rhythm to adapt to the approaching school visit, so that starting school is not such a big change.

In order to reduce the growing excitement in the children and in yourself, the topic of school enrollment can be addressed, for example, with suitable children’s books or parents’ stories from their own school days are discussed.

The night before starting school, everything you need, i.e. clothes, a packed bag and a school cone, be readyto avoid further stress in the morning. Everyone should also have low stress in the morning when enrolling in school get up on timeso that we can possibly have breakfast together before the meeting on the road together at the right time Power supply.


Enrolling in school and starting school are exciting for children and parents alike. The things listed here that need to be done before the big day are to be a orientation offer to make the beginning positive. However, the list is not finite and universal, but only a guide. Parents should look at what they need and want to do individually.

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