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What is important to consider?

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Training new employees is very important. In some companies, the prevailing philosophy of throwing employees out and leaving them to fend for themselves is rather counterproductive. Why is onboarding so important? How do you train new employees? What to watch out for?

Induction is important

The topic of training new employees has not yet reached all companies and enterprises. In some cases, employees are more likely keep to yourself and “throw it to the deep end” because you didn’t know anything else yourself, it didn’t hurt you, and you don’t have time for long training sessions anyway. However, this is a mistake for several reasons.

On the one hand, new employees need it longer to be productive to start a profession. They are constantly asking questions, making mistakes, and can be overwhelmed by a new task. Apart from that bad processes to establish, which are also not remedied by the lack of an introduction. The constant need to ask questions can too distract colleagues from their workeven if the new employee can’t help it because they don’t know any better.

On the other hand, a new employee may also have a frustration set a Integration into a team can be more difficult. As a result, there may be a threat of taking over after the probationary period has ended or the new employee may voluntarily leave the company during the probationary period.

So that employees can start a new job well quickly productive and useful are, it is very important train new employees. But how to train new employees?

Even before the first day

The topic of recruiting new employees begins before the first real working day and at the latest after the signing of the contract. Now it’s induction time prepare and plan wellso that everything is clear and structured as soon as a new person comes to the company.

With regard to a new person, it is useful if important and relevant information before the first day will. In this way, a person can already prepare and arrive with some prior knowledge.

The company should, among other things, ensure that Workplace set up and functional Yippee. It also includes everything needed additions and passwords should be set on the first day of work.

It is also particularly important to have a induction plan create. In this he should not only tasks and requirements among new employees, but also those to be placed Skills and knowledgeas well as one prioritization this. what is when actually important? who information is necessary? WHO can it mediate? And how much time is it required for practical practice of the topics? For the first few days, you should pay attention to getting to know the new person don’t interfere with all the information, but give time to get used to the company. Also supposedly obvious things should definitely be included in the plan, as these are often not obvious to outsiders, as well as feedback interviews should be firmly scheduled.

The plan should then discussed with the team will. So it is possible gaps and ambiguities be exposed and disposed of. Not only can the team help with revising and supplementing the plan, they can and should actively participates in its implementation will. Colleagues who are particularly familiar with a certain topic or process can take over training the new person in that regard. The training is thus spread over several arms and does not slow down one person in his work all the time.

Once a plan is drawn up for a specific position, even in later settings adopted with minor changes. So you save time in the future if you do the job once and record everything.

For induction to be good, a/e A mentor or sponsor from the future team recommended to a new employee. This is Contact person for all questions around the company, facilitates integration into the company and the team and is available with advice and measures. The mentor should be someone who has been in the company for a long time and is therefore well versed in it. However, it is also important that the selected person also has the necessary social skills and is interested in the task. Therefore, this decision should also be made together as a team.

First day

When it comes to training new employees, the first day is especially important to ensure they arrive safely. At the same time, a new person should a warm welcome to be called It should be clear who is first Welcome chat management (often senior management or a line manager) when Introducing the team takes place who and Company management takes over (often a mentor) whether all important keys/cards they’re there and what’s next.

In terms of content, it is especially important on the first day introduce the company, organizational structure and relevant contact persons and also roles and functions this. The first day is mainly for orientation and getting to know each other. It’s about making the new person feel comfortable and welcome. But also clarification which requirements be requested and which ideas the new person can be clarified in the first interview. Previously created in this course induction plan share and discuss with the person so that it is clear what will come and what will follow in the coming days.

The following days

However, the topic of training new employees does not end after one day, but only after that it really starts. All relevant in the first days organizational to clarify questions. What exactly are the working hours? What if you are sick? What are the break rules? What about vacation? How are working hours recorded and possibly documented? What are the important logins and passwords? And so on.

But organizational things also include things that process in the company affect. This means that it should be made clear with whom you will work directly, who reports to whom, how meetings are conducted, how it is documented, which projects are currently underway, where the new person is/will be tightly integrated, where they work, etc.

This is also happening gradually thematic introduction. This includes relevant programs, tools, procedures, methods, forms, templates, processes, etc. To pass on these practical things is 4-step method used. IN first stage the person doing the training explains the task. IN The second phase it is done step by step, commenting, explaining and justifying what is being done. In the subsequent the third stage the new person should complete the task independently and also comment on it. An inductive person guides and provides feedback. IN fourth stage This is followed by another independent practical exercise.

how long will it takeThe ability to train new employees depends on various factors. On the one hand, the scope of the occupied position. On the other hand, the previous experience and knowledge of the new person also matters. If this person already knows the basic programs, familiarization with them is less extensive than for a person who does not know them at all. Training can several days to weeks use.

When should new employees be trained? regular feedback conversations just don’t go down. In this way, time and time again, the process can be ensured to go well and to make the person feel comfortable. However, it is also possible to ensure that both parties are satisfied, so that the requirements are not too high, but also sufficiently fulfilled.


Training new employees is therefore important good start to ensure that. Anyone who works extensively and structured makes this possible more productive and faster start for a new person and one better integration into the team. This should start before the first day of work. A new person should already relevant information in advance to be sent Moreover, one should induction plan be created with the involvement of the team and together appointed mentor it should be. Also Workplace should be up and running. The first day is about the first orientation and finding your way through the first conversationone guideone performance team a hand over relevant key. There should be more in the future organizational and company specific points to clarify. and thematic Induction can with 4-step method to act. Regularity is important feedback interviews. The training can be of various lengths, but it is definitely worth it.

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