What is happiness in school?  • Profiling Institute

What is happiness in school? • Profiling Institute

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Head of the Ernst Fritz-Schubert studio began 2007 and school subject of happiness set up at his school. Since then, the school subject of happiness has been adopted in various schools throughout Germany. And maybe at some universities Technical University of Berlin be able to future teachers to teacher of happiness be trained. In this article, you will learn exactly what the school subject of happiness is.

School subject happiness – what is it?

The school subject of happiness comes from the field personal development. Like the foundation named after him, Ernst Fritz-Schubert is of the opinion that school also for the personal development of their students co-responsible Yippee. But this is what often happens during school Performance orientation is too short. This is where the school subject of happiness can help. Because that’s what this is for Competence for life expand, help with concept enjoying life and overall to personal development children and young people to contribute to them lifetime use be able.

These are the goals and benefits of teaching

The school subject of happiness should help with this create your own life. For this it is important to have your own Strengthen discover and become your own Objectives to become conscious. Students should also learn in this subject of special schools overcome barriers, to make decisions and bear responsibility for them. This includes both active emotion control just like that learn self-reflection.

group work they play an important role in the school subject of happiness, but also individual work phases in personal notebooks belongs to learning methods.

Therefore, the school subject of happiness cannot be identified with an exclusively good and happy time. Rather, young people should be given a perspective and ways of acting that lead to the same goal basically happy be and can happen. Above all, they should crisis resistant to be made. This is how it should be handed down challenges mostly though not pleasantbut usually manageable they are. and competence and self motivation in this context, he should also learn or mature through a new school subject.

Accompanying scientific studies occupy one increase and stability of self-esteem, self-efficacy expectations as social skills in participants in the school subject Happiness.

teachers of happiness

in Winter semester 2013/2014 here it was offers of the first seminar for future teaching staff in the field of happiness in a school subject Universities in Osnabrück and Munich. TO Institute for Vocational Education and Training at the Technical University of Berlin there is a training offer for the happiness teacher offer from 2019.

In Berlin, the project is supported by Sethas gGmbH, so future teachers are lucky to have a annual training is enabled. In this context, a high proportion of practice through engagement partner schools allows The Introduction to the Happiness project module is a demo Free choice area assigned to the teaching grade as Five credit points hardened and tempered. However, you can too interest, don’t study to become a teacher, occupy the module.

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