Was machen Virolog/innen und Epidemiolog/innen?

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Currently, we often come across the evaluations of virologists and epidemiologists in the media. However, many people do not realize what these people actually do and how the professions differ. What do virologists and epidemiologists do? How are they different?


The answer to the question “What do virologists and epidemiologists do?” ”, the work profile of virologists is considered first. These are part of the discipline virology and are primarily concerned with viruses and viral infectionswhich can trigger them. One area of ​​virology is the study of viruses classify and describe what characteristic for viruses. Research into the properties of viruses and their changes is underway multiply be able.

Virologists are also investigating how a infection can be done with viruses. As a result, they also investigate the resulting viral infections in their Course. Research into possible ones is also central to virology control options viruses and viral infections.

On the one hand, this research concerns the fight against viruses and viral infections prevention such infections, on the other hand k therapy from viral infections. Around effective means against the virus and the resulting viral infection, among other things, it is important to first know which are which conditions the virus spreads particularly quickly, which transmission paths exists and also how dangerous it can be for humans or animals. On this basis, as well as on the basis of their other research results, virologists are looking for means and substances that spreading and so too dangerousness virus contain be able.

This process is often lengthy, because it is necessary to find out in many tests and experiments what means and substances can be used against the virus in what dose. One must also consider possible side effects and question again and again how well an existing drug actually works. The research process usually takes place in team.

The workplace of virologists is mainly in laboratory, where they can research viruses and viral infections using various devices. They usually have no contact with patients. For example, possible interfaces are presented Stool, blood or urine samples patients tested for viruses in the laboratory. Nevertheless, her work is essential for patients who rely on her Research or laboratory results can be treated.


The answer to the question “What do virologists and epidemiologists do?” ”, the profession of epidemiologists is now being considered. These move in the area epidemiologywhich is about Distribution and course of diseases and infections in a population or population groups it goes to whom causes and influencing factors Course can affect, as well as on aftermath this. For this, epidemiologists use existing data, but also, for example, blood samples of affected people. They can also be in the stream crisis areas travel to where the disease/infection is particularly prominent at the moment to talk to people there and collect samples. So it produces both quantitative as qualitative study on.

Among other things, they research how the disease outbreak occurredWho conditions had or may have a positive or negative impact on the outbreak and course of the disease, which of them regions or persons are particularly affected, etc. Not only health factors are taken into account, but also Environmental influences, social, personal or genetic factors. Therefore, it is also analyzed which environmental, social and personal factors keep population groups healthy and which promote disease and disease outbreaks.

It is also one of the tasks that transmission paths explore and possible aftermath outbreaks or disease for the population. Also prevention such spreads are part of the job, just like that detention in the case of an existing outbreak, in any case by appropriate means protective measures and consideration of all relevant factors. Besides, Risk and protective factors explored as well as probability of disease outbreak is determined.

The field of work of epidemiologists is therefore primarily in research. They are therefore often found in clinics, universities and research institutes. However, as noted above, operations in crisis areas are also possible in order to gather new knowledge on the ground and support containment. The results of the studies, as well as the evaluation of the probability of outbreaks and others, are important for medicine, but also for politics and other authorities.

similarities and differences

The answer to the question “What do virologists and epidemiologists do?” ” to finally be able to answer, it is now again about the similarities and differences between the two professional groups. Both professions are probably in the broadest sense of the word Diseases/infections, their spread and how to prevent and stop them may be. However, the jobs are different.

So come to an agreement virologists WITH viruseswhile epidemiologists WITH various diseases and triggers deal with The focus of work is also different. virologists they have their research focus Viruses and resulting viral infections. Their approach to prevention and control is based on researching these viruses and finding suitable substances and agents that act on these viruses. epidemiologists however deal with various diseases and disease outbreaks in the population or population groups and investigate multifactorial its spread, course and consequences. you give not only on the pathogenbut include other factors such as environmental and social factors to identify possible risk and protective factors and to design various protective measures.

Both Professions come with their own perspective and orientation important for medicine, politics and healthcare. Based on their findings, diseases and infections can be prevented or their outbreaks limited.

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