Vocational education during the coronavirus crisis • Profiling Institute

Vocational education during the coronavirus crisis • Profiling Institute

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One A study by the German Economic Institute met with Effects of the Corona Pandemic on Participation in professional development offers. The following article discusses the results of this study.

Vocational training during the coronavirus crisis

In a survey of approx one third from subjects from the beginning of the pandemic species completed professional development have. In the process, I guess 41% of the people interviewed autonomous learning further. AND one third of those interviewed took advantage of further education opportunities during work and one more Quarter boy use Offer of seminars and courses. There have been far-reaching changes at times during the coronavirus crisis limit contact, face-to-face events partly impossible did or at least significantly limited. Because of this, many vocational training opportunities had to be replaced virtual space be relocated. So he gave 46% of test subjects stated that their further training had been planned before the pandemic in the end took place digitally and thus vocational training could be guaranteed during the coronavirus crisis.

Youth news literacy

Many professional trainings took place online during the coronavirus crisis (image source: ©pixabay.de without license)

Differences in participation between different groups

If you look at the participation of different groups in continuing education measures clear differences recognizable. However, in most cases they existed even before the pandemic. However, it should be noted that The push for digitization professional development No to a Compensating for group-specific differences led. The differences mentioned are based on the formal side Education level respondents whose Genus and their industry.

Those with higher education are more likely to complete further training during the coronavirus crisis

Professional training during the corona crisis, Professional training during the corona crisis

Related to rate cancellation options for further professional education differ with regard to Education level respondents. While the proportion of those offering further education canceled or discontinued was among university graduates only 26% lies, this hit 35% and People without an academic degree on.

Digitization of vocational education is strongly dependent on the sector

Between everyone Industries there are big differences when it comes to Possibility of digitalization of professional trainings. While especially in the area business related services frequent training courses digitally before the pandemic planned were, this occurs in areas community services and Industry Transparent less often on. One reason may be in different requirements lies in different sectors, which according to the companies cannot be equally successfully conveyed digitally.

Lower participation in professional training during the coronavirus crisis of multiple mothers

In general, he could other educational measures that were already planned during the pandemic of men rather continue (31%) than from Women (24%). One reason may be that fewer women than men IT or at least IT related professions are active. With reference to the variable of Number of children included in the gender comparison, reinforced this effect. So they are multiple mothers WITH 59% far more common since Cancellation or termination of their professional training afflicted as women in general (37%) or even men (28%). Vocational education during the coronavirus crisis is therefore also of gender differences disabled.

Media consumption for children

The participation of more mothers in professional training during the corona crisis is lower (image source: © pressmaster for stock.adobe.com)


and further professional education during the corona crisis he could over use digital formats in many cases secured will. However, he could existing group-specific differences also Relocation of professional development into virtual space ride out.

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