Visual Technical Communication Studies: Tips and Requirements

Visual Technical Communication Studies: Tips and Requirements

In the age of digitization, communication technologies are completely reorganized. Technically competent communication professionals are needed to explain and present diverse technical products such as smartphones, computers or other digital assistance systems. Visual realizations such as virtual reality, graphics and videos on screens are becoming more and more relevant. From animation to film, stories are technically conveyed in a unique way. In the Visual Technology Communication course, you can creatively combine and implement theoretical technical knowledge with practical skills. Image source: © WavebreakMediaMicro for

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The course “Visual Technology Communication” is the first in Germany to combine communication, technology and visualization. In a world that is becoming increasingly digital and mobile, visual formats are increasingly important in technology communication and technology journalism. Almost everyone now uses smartphones, the Internet, or video and social media platforms to learn more or be entertained. Communication through media such as photos, videos and graphics is experiencing an ever-increasing revolution.

In order to start the “Visual Communication Technology” course, you must first obtain a general university education. Students of the bachelor’s program will acquire technical knowledge that they can later creatively apply in practice with visual forms of display. You will first learn the craft of media professionals so that you can later produce a wide range of film formats and combine them with corporate and market communications. The standard period of study is 7 semesters and is completed by obtaining the title “Bachelor of Natural Sciences”. In the interdisciplinary creative module, you will deal with visualization tasks. The 5th semester consists of a practical semester in which students have the opportunity to get to know agencies, newsrooms and companies from the inside. It is also possible to complete a semester abroad.

prospects and job prospects

Digitization increases the demand for competent professionals who can communicate complex technical issues. Whether in the editorial office of social networks, as a PR officer in news media editorial offices, in production companies, agencies or press departments, you have a wide range of career opportunities in different environments.

Where can you study visual technology communication?

and University of Bonn-Rhein-Sieg is the first and only university in Germany to offer the course “Visual Technology Communication”.

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