Training clinic: dental treatment by students - Beast Blog a student!

Training clinic: dental treatment by students – Beast Blog …be a student!

University Center for Dentistry on Mattenstrasse in Kleinbasel | Image: University of Basel/UZB, Photo Basilisk

At the University Dental Clinic Basel, dental students 3-5 Annual course in and out daily. They attend lectures, cast impressions in the dental laboratory and learn the basics of dentistry on a phantom head. All of this prepares students to treat patients themselves in the master’s program. But why should a patient go to a training clinic? And for whom does treatment within the framework of student teaching make sense? I spoke with Lara Veronesi about these and other questions. She graduated from dentistry last September.

As long as you have healthy teeth, the cost of an annual visit to the dentist and dental hygienist is reasonable. But as soon as they expect a bigger treatment, you have to dig deep into your pocket. It is therefore not surprising that the reduced price at the training clinic is one of the most common reasons why patients are treated there. “At a training clinic, you pay about 1/3 of what a private dentist would charge for the same treatment,” Lara tells me. “However, you have to allow much more time to treat students, because they cannot work as quickly as experienced dentists,” he adds.

What treatments are offered?

Treatment by students makes sense especially for fillings, root canal treatment, larger prophylactic and prosthetic treatments. “Only in the area of ​​surgery, we are still very limited in the study. We can only remove wisdom teeth together with an oral surgeon. We don’t even do implants during our studies.” That’s why Lara thinks it makes sense to go to a training clinic when the diagnosis is clear. “The time investment is barely worth it for an annual checkup alone.”

It should also be noted that consultation hours are limited due to student schedules and treatments can only be performed during the current semester. There are no procedures during the semester break.

Preparation of work in the study of dentistry

She knows some of the patients that Lara treated during her studies personally, so she was able to start the treatment herself within the student lessons. If you do not know anyone who is studying dentistry, you can contact the polyclinic and express your wish to be treated at the training clinic. “In rare cases, we also receive recommendations from private dentists. It’s mainly for financial reasons,” says Lara.

More time for patients

Lara really enjoyed working at the training clinic. “Because there are always waiting times during treatment, because you have to speak to a senior doctor, you have a lot of time to talk to the patient and build a relationship.” Because students have more time than dentists in private practice, student treatment is especially popular with anxious patients. “And you don’t have to worry about the quality of the treatment either. On the one hand, you are always treated by two well-trained dental students. On the other hand, there are always assistants and senior doctors who care for and support the students,” Lara assures me.

If you are interested in treatment at the training clinic, you will find here More information.

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