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This is the first bitcoin hotel in Germany – no reception

That Princess Hotel in Plochingen near Stuttgart is the first Bitcoin hotel in Germany. Hoteliers was recently the first inn to set up a Bitcoin machine. Booking and check-in are completely digital. It does not need a reception. Instead, there’s a satoshi bar.

Entrance area Princess Hotel in Plochingen near Stuttgart is exceptional. Because there is a special feature that makes the hotel unique: a bitcoin machine. This makes the inn the first Bitcoin hotel in Germany. However, the crypto machine is not only reserved for hotel guests.

At a family-run inn in Plochingen, anyone who wants to can convert their euros into bitcoins and transfer them to their smartphone. It is also possible to pay with digital currency. Booking and check-in are also completely digital. It does not need a reception.

This is the first bitcoin hotel in Germany

Hoteliers title their inn themselves Website as a “fully digitized boutique hotel”. Accordingly, guests can control almost all processes and services digitally. This applies to reservations and payments as well as check-in and check-out.

Guests can use their own app to manage their bookings, view accounts and book and pay for other services with just a few clicks. The room door can also be opened using a smartphone. Classic income is therefore redundant.

Check-in and check-out via terminal or smartphone

Check-in and check-out at Hotel Princess is possible via the terminal. After booking and paying by smartphone there, guests will receive another room card to access the hotel. Guests can also use the Princess app to conveniently check out after their stay. All you have to do is put the room card in the mailbox.

Although there are employees at the Princess Hotel in Plochingen, there is no need for personal contact due to digital processes. However, reservations are also possible by phone. There is also an emergency number where someone is available 24/7.

Satoshi Bar and crypto art: Bitcoin is ubiquitous in the hotel

The hotel owes its digital concept to director Marc Guilliard. But anyone who thinks that’s why Hotel Princess is impersonal is wrong. The Guilliard family is here every day and always ready to chat, especially at breakfast.

Thanks to die-hard Bitcoin fans, the cryptocurrency is also ubiquitous in the hotel. In addition to a machine from the Austrian company Kurant, for example, there are numerous bitcoin pictures – some of them hand-painted – and an article shop for bitcoin fans.

Snacks and drinks are available at the hotel’s Satoshi Bar, named after Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin. Of course, guests can also pay with cryptocurrency at the bar. Bitcoin Cappuccino is considered a blockbuster and photo trend. Using a stencil and a cocoa tin, guests can sprinkle the Bitcoin logo on their milk foam.

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