This is how you get a new premium subscription

This is how you get a new premium subscription

Snapchat is still a secret shooting star among digital platforms. Now, the messenger popular with young people has introduced a new premium subscription. In ours “He knew how” we’ll tell you what Snapchat Plus can do and how to subscribe to the service.

Unlike many other social networks and messengers, Snapchat still manages to attract a lot of young and new users. This is how Snapchat uploads more than 332 million daily active users.

For comparison: At the same time last year, the messenger with a small spirit in the logo had only 280 million users. This equates to an increase of more than 50 million (young) people in just one year.

What is Snapchat Plus?

But Snapchat doesn’t seem to be content with just growth. Instead, the messenger wants to further improve the user experience. Precisely for this purpose, the service has now introduced a paid premium subscription with Snapchat Plus.

The new feature is initially available in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. and monthly costs it is 3.99 US dollars or 4.49 euros.

Those who opt for an annual or half-yearly subscription will save an additional 16 or nine percent of the total price.

What are the features and benefits of Snapchat Plus?

Of course, before we spend any money on a paid subscription, we want to know what to expect. It’s not ad-free. Instead, premium users get first access to new features and functions that are still in testing.

These include, for starters:

  • location tracking: You can see where your friends are and what places they’ve been.
  • Best friends and Flames: To be best friends, Snapchat users had to send each other pictures every day to generate flames. This obligation no longer applies to the Plus variant.
  • Play the story: The new feature is especially exciting for influencers and companies because it shows who has seen a story multiple times.

Additionally, new patterns, symbols and friendship-related features await premium subscribers.

Tutorial: How to get Snapchat Plus

Now if you are curious and want to test the premium version, we have for you in our “He knew how” to put together step-by-step instructions for everything related to a new subscription.

In the first step open the app on your iOS or Android smartphone.

How to get paid Snapchat Plus premium subscription. Step 1.

Use the arrows below the heading to move back and forth.

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