The war in Ukraine and the German education system 2022 • Profiling Institute

The war in Ukraine and the German education system 2022 • Profiling Institute

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of Ukrainian war and German education system: New A study by the German Economic Institute met with Consequences of the Russian offensive war in Ukraine about the German education system. This article therefore deals with Result first in Study published in May 2022.

The Ukrainian War and the German Education System: Current Situation

There are s 5.1 million people already about 12.3% of the population with former Ukrainian residence fled to EU countries (as of May 2022). They are there on May 5th 610,000 refugees from Ukraine registered in Germany. There are a lot of them 242,000 and therefore approx. 39.6% under 18 years. So live 3.2% of Ukrainian children and young people are currently in Germany and usually have one Requirement in German education system integrated become.

The fact that Russia’s offensive war is a war in Europe plays an important role. Because Ukrainian refugees have exemption from the visa requirementso that they can easily cross the borders of the Schengen area with a passport and also not be bound by the Dublin regulation and So you can choose your destination country as you like. Ukrainian refugees can therefore move without registering with the relevant German authorities up to 90 days legally in Germany stay and have one right now tourist status.

If you register properly, you will usually receive an A very quicklyResidence permit according to §24 AufenthG and Ukrainian children and young people of the appropriate age are then also directly involved school age. AND problem however, it is given if no registration is watching Because many Ukrainians who do not (do not have to) use offers of help, refrain from registering – probably also assuming that he quickly returns to Ukraine. This difficult then both integration children and young people in the German education system and also cares unordered numbers considering the immigration flow, so corresponding hard to plan is happening

The Ukrainian War and the German Education System: A School Lesson

The war in Ukraine and the German education system, The war in Ukraine and the German education system 2022

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Immigration of Ukrainian minors creates a increased need for educational offerings in schools. For this purpose he could welcome classes with a recommended size of approx 15 students help appropriate language skills get one before that Integration into existing school classes is watching

It goes next to you additional space requirement to a specific one increased demand for teaching staff. In order to train relevant professional staff, it would be possible for people who are already in retirement are closed reactivate and above all also adults who have fled Ukraine and have relevant expertise use. However, for this it is important in relation to knowledge of the German language train a should not be limited to teaching only Ukrainian children and youthto a to avoid separation inhibiting integration.

The Ukrainian War and the German Education System: Nursing Services

and Assumptions and approaches to solving the demand for personnel in the school sector may also refer to care offers transfer. But the placement of children in just such optional. With regard to childcare places are already lackingproviding a sufficient supply of care seems a long way off more difficult.

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In addition, Ukrainian children to be one of them special support needs go out On the one hand, it’s related Teaching German language skillsbut, on the other hand, primarily dealing with mentally handicapped children, traumatic experiences they did and often very suddenly their fathers had to leave. This presents a major challenge for educators and caregivers. By the way, these can also be used for children and youth in school campus to be given

In addition, Ukrainian parents may want native language skills their children not to sufferwhen plans to return to Ukraine soon and parents but himself alone perform gainful activity in Germany and thus want to take advantage of the care offered in Germany.

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