The need for study funding reform • Profiling Institute

The need for study funding reform • Profiling Institute

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How do I finance my studies? What is the share of the relevant funds? That CHE turned into one Article with the need for reform of study financing in Germany 2021 employed. For this purpose, the most important resources and Study funding displayed and their importance discussed for current students. Overall, it would be possible The need for study finance reform be determined.

How do students finance their studies in Germany?

Studying in Germany is rare today 3 million People. Since the year 2013 lies the proportion of those who have a start studying the proportion of those who have a dual vocational education Start. But how is the course financed? That’s them Top 3 funding sources:

  1. Parental financial support (86% of students)
  2. secondary job (61% of students)
  3. savings (18% of students)

Study funding through BAföG funding

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What is striking about the top 3 funding sources for studying in Germany is that BAföG does not count. They were in 1970s still over 40% students is supported by BAföG, this applies in 2020 only for 11% students. This is primarily due to one changed reality of life. The study is increasing not in standard study time or formally or at least effectively part-time completed. Increasingly, students also pay Tuition fees at private universities. In these cases BAföG usually does not apply.

Other financing options for studying in Germany through grants

German scholarship

Existing since 2011 German scholarship promotes in 2020 28,100 talented and dedicated students WITH €300 per month. However, it is just like BAföG on Normal period limited. In 2020, he received only once 1% of students German scholarship.

organization for the promotion of gifted students

through 13 existing talent support organizations in Germany there were a total of them in 2020 29,600 students with maximum monthly basic allowance of €752 promoted. A proportion of those supported by gifted organizations do as well 1% of students.

student loans

The proportion of students sa newly concluded student loan was listed in 2020 2%. From 2014 to 2019 sunk and Use Indeed by 44%. However, there was one from 2019 to 2020 rapid increase of 60%. However, it can be opened foreign students in Germany who had the opportunity to take out a KfW student loan for the first time as part of the Corona aid measures. 30% of newly closed student loans in 2020 take this into account International students.

Advance grant

Independent of income supports it Advance grant currently 4,500 studentswho already have one professional training and practical experience to be able to prove and prove themselves as especially gifted they proved.

Extraordinary corona measures

Especially during coronavirus pandemic it happened far-reaching problems Greeting Study funding. If we remember that students study primarily through a secondary job and financial support from parents finance, it quickly becomes clear that the pandemic has had and continues to have far-reaching consequences in this area.

Many part-time student jobs have been completely eliminated and loss of income or at least financial losses – for example, with short-term work – they make it difficult for parents to financially support their parents. Students were supported from June to September 2020 and from November to September 2021 initiated by BMBF bridging aid. The students were a maximum of €500 per month supported if they prove they could do it a maximum of €500 per account have and their the current financial emergency due to the pandemic Yippee. These conditions were many times criticized.

Conclusion: The need for reform of study financing in Germany

As the statements just presented show, there is a the need for reform financing studies in Germany. Here it is BAföG in fundamental-conceptual crisiswhich failed to be averted by the amendment to the BAföG law of the grand coalition.

The various building blocks of financing studies in Germany are also published No like reasonable overall constructionwhich is in dire need of reform. If it seems, through traffic light government coalition agreement decided BAföG reform as extremely necessary and important. They suffer in particular from the fact that the possibilities of state financing of studies are incomplete Opportunities for children from non-academic familieswhose possibilities of social advancement are hindered.

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