Amazon, Impfstoff gegen Krebs

The first clinical trial is underway at Amazon

Amazon is taking another step in the healthcare industry – the shipping giant is reportedly working on a cancer vaccine. The first clinical trial is said to have already started.

Experts have suspected for some time that Amazon has the healthcare sector firmly in its sights. Likewise, economist Scott Galloway, who already prophesied in 2020that Amazon “will be the fastest growing healthcare company in the world by 2025”.

The latest news about the mail order company’s efforts in the healthcare sector is therefore hardly surprising. Accordingly, it is Amazon was involved in the development of a cancer vaccine.

How far along is Amazon’s cancer vaccine?

As Business Insider reports Amazon is working with the Fred Huchinson Cancer Center in Seattle on a cancer vaccine. This could one day be used for skin and breast cancer. The main focus will be on stage IIC-IV melanoma and HER2-negative breast cancer.

However, the vaccine is currently in the testing phase. The team is currently looking for subjects for the clinical trial.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already approved human testing. The aim is to develop an alternative to chemotherapy.

What is known about the study?

According to the report of Business Insider studies are already in full swing. Its continuation is planned until November 2023. 20 patients aged 18 and over are planned for the first phase of the clinical trial.

From the FDA records go out loud Business Insider shows that Amazon is also listed as an “employee” alongside Fred Hutchinson as a sponsor. Both sides have this information opposite BI approved.

What is Amazon saying about its cancer vaccine?

If implemented successfully, the planned vaccine could work similarly to vaccination against the coronavirus. The substance is supposed to train the immune system to recognize cancer cells and attack them accordingly.

But it may take a long time before it actually starts to be used in medicine. An Amazon spokesperson said Business Insiderthat it is a “long, multi-year process”.

If there is progress here, the company would be “open to working with other healthcare organizations.”

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