That's how Celebrate Company works

That’s how Celebrate Company works

Celebrate offers a range of digital photography services to help people capture their memories. in Location Portrait let’s take a look behind the scenes

What do many people do when a birthday, wedding or similar event is coming up? Correct: They send greeting cards. They want to celebrate their loved ones in different ways. and Celebrate the company it wants to ensure that the right product is always available for the right occasion.

This applies to both print and digital. Celebrate Company GmbH was established in 2021 in card production. But what started with postcards now covers a wide range of different digital services in the field of photo services.

The Celebrate Company does more than just cards

Celebrate Company is now a multi-brand company that is the market leader in personalized digital photography services in Germany. In the future, the two co-CEOs Steffen Behn and Patrick Leibold want to acquire the rest of Europe as well.

Our mission is to help people turn meaningful life moments into beautiful memories – to share, give away or enjoy again and again. In addition to card making, this now also includes services such as Celebrate the app and Celebrate digital printing.

That’s how Celebrate Company works

The focus of business management is not just celebrating the special moments of others. The corporate culture should also focus on Celebrate employees. However, with approximately 500 employees, some of whom work remotely or hybridly, this is not always easy.

New work on 850 square meters in Hamburg

The team should feel safe, fulfilled and motivated. In order to transform the working environment into a place that offers moments together, the company redesigned the offices of the headquarters in Hamburg accordingly.

In the new office concept, there are many modular elements that provide each person with an individual working atmosphere. These include height-adjustable desks, soundproof cubicles, target and break rooms, and a terrace with a view.

Visitors to the Celebrate Company are warmly welcomed as soon as they enter the Hamburg headquarters. (Photo: Company)

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