Sustainability Week 2022: An era is coming to an end

Sustainability Week 2022: An era is coming to an end

The AG Sustainability Week team with Jeannine Fluri (left) (Image: zvg).

Jeannine Fluri organized the sustainability week at the University of Basel for the last time this year. There must be room for a new generation, new ideas. Our guest author Saskia Durisch, who also helped with the organization, spoke to her about her last week of sustainability.

As soon as I arrived at the agreed place, I noticed the organized and responsible demeanor of Jeannine Fluri. She booked us a cozy place in Tibits, right next to the train station. The situation is symbolic of her organizational talent. She and her colleague Muguette Müller took the brunt of planning Sustainability Week 2022.

Sustainability Week is an annual event at the University of Basel, organized this year by members of the Sustainability Working Group. Jeannine Fluri has been a co-organizer since the beginning of this week. 2022 was a special year for her: her graduation.

Jeannine has been involved for a long time: She was already there at the launch of the first sustainability week in 2019 and was looking for like-minded people. Even then, an era was coming to an end. The «Think further…» week, organized by the sustainability department, has moved from the department to the university. The students were very interested in organizing the week themselves. To create more enthusiasm for the topic of sustainability together and get actively involved.

Finding like minded people

“You meet all sorts of people during your studies and many of them have similar interests, but with over 300 students on the course it’s hard to find exactly the ones that suit you best personally,” he says. “And I wanted to be involved in sustainability anyway. Right from the start, her aim was to organize an inclusive week where sustainability was the focus and everyone could approach it.

Unfortunately, this first week of sustainability in 2019 was followed by two rather unusual weeks shaped by Corona. In 2020 and 2021, Jeannine was missing interaction with speakers and participants after lectures or workshops. “The personal level has dropped a bit. I am very happy that now it can flourish again, »says Jeannine.

Back to normal this week?

This year, the sustainability week was held for five days in March – and still under special conditions, Jeannine thinks: Many visitors were still used to the times of Corona. This was especially noticed by the workshop participants, says Jeannine. There were rather fewer visitors, although according to Jeannine, the workshops are the “coolest”. And the war in Ukraine also overshadowed the week of events. “When global political unrest takes over, many people don’t think much about sustainability at first,” says the organizer.

This year, Sustainable Development Week has been turned upside down. Each day information was provided on a different sustainability topic: from individual sustainability to economic sustainability and social aspects, it was all there. The topic of sustainable nutrition could not be left out either. There were workshops on vegan cooking, composting, gardening and natural dyeing of clothes. There was also “Plant Swap” and “Clothes Swap”. These physical activities were framed by many lectures on the already mentioned topics.

Summary of Sustainable Development Week 2022

Despite somewhat difficult circumstances, this week was a complete success, says Jeannine. Because there were many viewers who watched the lectures online or attended the closing event. After two years of Corona, it was above all a meeting, which was very nice.

However, the organization of this week was not always easy. “For the first time I was responsible for all departments, so there was a lot of pressure on my shoulders. In the past, I was only in charge of the finance department and helped a little with the program. This year it was a little different because we did a lot with Muguette,” explains Jeannine. In general, it is especially important in an organization to set milestones so that one can always feel a little happy about what has been achieved.

A wish for the future

Even though Jeannine will no longer be organizing next week’s sustainability: she will not completely detach herself from it. And so she also has a wish for 2023: “I would like to plan an event about the forest,” she says. “Even as a child, I felt very connected to the forest and I would like to learn more about it: Above all, how we can use it without destroying it.”

Who knows what the future may hold: Maybe Jeannine can take part in just such an event at Sustainability Week 2023. Thanks to new organizational talent taking the reins at Sustainability Week.

Saskia Durish

Curious about life and impartial: Saskia tries to stay true to this motto. In addition to the fascinating lectures on biology, he also enjoys quiet hours in the garden or cools off by swimming in the estuary. Getting to the bottom of the small and big miracles of life and sharing them in writing is her passion. In addition, he experiences the normal everyday life of a young adult with many interests. The garden or cooking in the student residence, hiking in Graubünden or dancing and partying at festivals: Saskia likes to be a part of everything and is rarely bored.

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