Summer is coming! Avoid the summer slide with Excel

Oh summer! It’s time for the kids to put down their schoolwork and stare at a screen…or two…or three for the next few months. Of course, if you want to avoid the summer slide where your kids lose some of their academic progress and let their brains atrophy for the summer, you may need to get creative in your approach. Giving your teens the opportunity to use some of their time constructively can help your kids keep their brains fresh and active until school starts.

Flexible options

Excel High School offers several options to keep your high school students engaged this summer. Students can easily enroll in an individual course and complete it 100% online and on your own schedule. If they stay on track and stay focused, they can complete their assignments and take the final exam 60 days after enrolling in the class.

Because our courses are self-paced and online, students don’t have to put off summer travel to complete our courses. They can work on our courses anywhere they have an internet connection. This means they can still see family or visit friends while keeping their brain engaged enough to avoid the summer slump.

basic classes

If they need to catch up or get ahead of their graduation requirements, we offer all the traditional core courses: English 9-12, public speaking, social studies courses, and various sciences. Since these are mandatory classes, it is best to complete them as quickly as possible so that Excel can ensure that your student’s transcript is sent to their school in time for classes at the beginning of the school year.

Optional options

Summer can also be the perfect opportunity for your children to explore their interests. Excel has a number of interesting electives that your student can work through to explore possible career interests. From electrical, mechanical or chemical engineering to sports medicine, forensic science or introduction to coding, we have many options for students to explore. As students have a full 12 months to complete their courses, your student can complete any of these electives quickly or take their time.

Preparing for the SAT

If your student is preparing for the College Board SAT, then another great option we offer is ours SAT prep course. Your student who is covering one or both parts of the English and Math test can take time over the summer to review and prepare for this standardized test. Since they have a year to complete the entire course once enrolled, this is a great course for sophomores to prepare for the test or for juniors who want to retake the exam to get a better score.

train the brain

Another option is to involve your student in summer tutoring. train the brain is an online tutoring, homework help, or standardized test preparation service that offers one-on-one tutoring entirely online. If your student struggled in any class this past school year, or if you just want them to start next year off on the right foot, then scheduling one-on-one tutoring is an effective way to make that happen.

Avoid the Summer Slide!

Excel High School has a lot of experience helping students who need to get back on track or want to use their summers to get ahead. If you have any questions about our course options, you can always contact us via chat on our website or call us during our regular business hours at 800-620-3844 or 952-465-3700.

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