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Lack of general practitioners and medical studies abroad

Edition DUZ Spotlight – International Good Practice has s Lack of general practitioners and Studying medicine abroad employed. Results are based on findings global university ranking U-Multirank as well as on performed surveys and relevant academic performance.

The problem of lack of family doctors

This was shown by a study by the Robert Bosch Foundation by 2035 there will be a shortage of approximately 11,000 general practitioners will. It is mainly due to the current demography. Because by 2035 almost 30,000 general practitioners in pension Walk. This was primarily due to one stop approval for resident physicians in the 1990s. However, another reason for the impending lack of supply is missing followers. One anyway costly establishment seems due to a high time requirement and more bureaucratic obstacles, as well as more far-reaching organizational tasks in rather low fee not very attractive for young doctors. Especially in rural areas there are far reaching problems due to shortage of doctors.

For this reason, politics decided Master’s plan for the study of medicine 2020 federal states to establish a the rate of the local doctor. Within that up to ten percent the Places to study medicine be provided to students who, upon graduation, become a Enjoy up to ten years of residency as family doctors in rural areas.

Lack of university places in Germany

in Winter semester 2021/2022 applied over 45,000 people on around 10,000 study places available and human medicine. With the current threat of a shortage of doctors, a paradoxical picture emerges lack of study places. Find the solution to the last problem at least 8,000 German students in one Studying medicine abroad. Because, as the database shows, it is closing every tenth to twelfth students that Studying medicine abroad away. This is probably mainly due to low chances of acceptance in Germany.

Studying medicine abroad

medical courses in German speaking countries they have been popular for a long time. Here it could be mentioned, for example, Austria, Holland or Switzerland. However, there are new courses on offer Southeastern and Eastern European countries is also gaining popularity. there will be special medical courses for foreign students students on English offered or also courses that are specifically to German students straighten and up German to be held These courses will then take place concurrently with regular national language courses medicine.

Admission criteria and costs for studying medicine abroad

Unlike Germany, it is played high school level many secondary role in admissions to study medicine abroad. In relation to school grades – if – grades are more important science subjects more important role. However, they are the most important Cover letter, selection interviews and tests like relevant language skills. In addition, the study of medicine abroad is usually included high cost of study tied together. These are often included over €10,000 per year or in some cases even at over €15,000 per year. However, there are options financial support and especially grants for especially high-performing prospects.

Where can I study medicine abroad?

Especially in The area of ​​Eastern and Southeastern Europe there is high density universities, which offers medical courses for international students. These can be found mainly in the following countries:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary

Cooperation with German universities and clinics

Some universities of the above countries have cooperation programs WITH German institutions brought to life. Some of these collaborations are briefly introduced below.

Semmelweis University and Asklepios Campus Hamburg

of German-speaking course of study Semmelweis University in Budapest has its own Location in Hamburg he opened After completing the pre-clinical part (first to third year of study), students can continue their studies in Germany. about 20% to work in it after graduation Asclepius. Given that the remaining part of the trained doctors is in general labor market is Asklepios Campus Hamburg as non-profit accepted.

University of Split and Faculty of Medicine REGIOMED

Also in Croatian University in Split students only have to complete the preclinical phase and they can complete the clinical part (fourth to sixth year of study) in Germany, more precisely in Upper Franconia and Southern Thuringia, location of REGIOMED clinics. However, the study is being conducted in English language instead of. and Sparkasse Coburg-Lichtenfels offers Education loans at the same time long-term commitment to REGIOMED clinics from these accepted will. The amount of tuition is €12,000 per year.

University of Pécs and model project “Study in Europe – Future in Saxony” Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Saxony

and KV Saxony valid within the framework of this model project for a period of six years Tuition fees around €15,000 per year of German medical course in Hungaryif the students do their part five-year vocational training in Saxony finish and then the next five years as family doctors work there. On 40 study places offered apply every year 120 to 130 people.

Medical University of Varna and scholarship program of district clinics of Middle Franconia

A similar possibility as in Saxony is offered by cooperation with University of Bulgaria in Varna with District clinics in Middle Franconia. In return Payment of school fees of €8,000 per year of English language study students commit themselves to the district clinics of Middle Franconia to work in their clinics for five years.

Advantages and disadvantages of studying medicine abroad

Basic advantage studying medicine abroad is a simple fact available study places. While there is a shortage of study places in Germany and admission is associated with a very high NC, a medical degree abroad offers this The possibility to complete a medical degree even with a lower Abitur average to be able to Study abroad always makes it possible personal growth through overcoming challenges and Getting to know a foreign culture. In addition, preliminary studies show that quality of international courses is high. There are good ones support ratios, Group sizes are small and will cherish one a high share of practical experience placed.

One difficulty however, lies in language barrier studying medicine abroad. Many courses are completely in English language held and the clinical part must usually be on of the relevant national language be completed. It has something special challenges for students. Addition, high tuition fees represents a problem for some students interested in studying Scholarships and funding programs apply it too high demand they are and at the same time often one not insignificant in terms of time application after graduation.

Can the problem with the shortage of doctors in Germany be solved by offering courses abroad?

Except for individuals recognition problems degrees such as those found in Polish study programs are Data with regard to graduates returning to Germany not raised enough. It is simple I don’t know O Number of recognition of medical degrees from abroad. So he can no clear answer to the question solution potential and doctors trained abroad in relation to Lack of general practitioners are given.

Furthermore, the requirements for a Reform of medical studies in Germany noisy. It takes basic solutionwhich are far from the quota for rural doctors branch for young doctors more attractive make. First of all, you need one Adjustment of working and framework conditions. However, it must be even more basic in Germany more study places be created for local students and without the danger of social selection to train as doctors through tuition fees.

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