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That CHE published every year Numerus Clausus CHECK. This is based on data from university compass with Percentage of study programs with numerus clausus (NC). and thus answers the question: Studying without NC – but where?

Courses without entry vs. courses with limited entry

NC is in many cases decides whether prospective students have a study place receive. However, this only applies to restricted entry items. Because with these limited One course will be offered maximum number of admitted students solid. This results in potential students at the study site apply have to. NC works as selection mechanism.

However, there are also courses that free entry they are. PUSH No Maximum number of freshmen is predestined for these courses, future students can – if the admission conditions are met (e.g. Abitur) – apply directly.

Numerus Clausus in Germany 2022

in Winter semester 2021/2022 was the proportion of degree programs which assigned NC were in 40.1%. So that’s one slight downward trend compared to previous years. So the NC rate was in Winter semester 2017/2018 still at 42.4% and decreased annually. Share of courses with limited entry is different however, it is strongly dependent on Bundesland, location and type of university and subject area. The differences are particularly striking when comparing countries.

Studying without NC - but where?, Studying without NC - but where?

NC quotas compared to countries

Studying without NC – but where? To answer this question, here is one List of NC quotas in the winter semester 2021/2022 and federal states:

  1. Hamburg (65.2%)
  2. Berlin (65.1%)
  3. Saarland (63.3%)
  4. Bremen (56.8%)
  5. Baden-Württemberg (56.7%)
  6. Lower Saxony (48.7%)
  7. Saxony (38.1%)
  8. Bavaria (33.9%)
  9. Schleswig-Holstein (33.3%)
  10. Hesse (32.8%)
  11. NRW (31.3%)
  12. Saxony-Anhalt (28.9%)
  13. Brandenburg (27.7%)
  14. Rhineland-Palatinate (23.9%)
  15. Thuringia (21.9%)
  16. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (19.8%)

Other differences in NC quotas within Germany

NC quotas tend to be with 41.9% on colleges of applied sciences higher The same like at 37.5% on universities. If you continue to look at degrees they are Bachelor’s degrees WITH 41.6% more often assigned NC than Master’s courses with a share 38.7%. However, many master’s programs require certain Bachelor’s Final Grades for Admissionde facto such as entry restrictions can work So you ask yourself a question Studying without NC – but where? – one should especially die Bachelor courses at universities of applied sciences take a close look.

In addition, relevant disciplines. WITH 48.8% is the proportion of subjects with limited admission within the subject group Law, economics, society and social sciences above the national average and represents The subject group with the highest NC rate gift. In the area Mathematics and Science (37.3%) or in Engineering (33.7%) is for example only about a third of the courses offered assigned NC. Then they can cut it Linguistics and Cultural Studies (27%). Looking at individual university locations, it is evident that NC courses especially city ​​states and more big cities especially high they are.

Studying without NC – but where?

Studying without NC - but where?, Studying without NC - but where?

Many states have it a large proportion of courses without entry. This applies in particular to courses on universities. However, if you can’t find the course you’re looking for at your desired university location, it’s worth a look nearby universities. It can be found, for example, in Berlin no university placesince 65.1% of the courses offered have limited entry, one could enter Brandenburg find what you’re looking for. Because there is only NC rate 27.7%.

And that too Switch to another university location within the federal state of your choice may be worth it. An example would be here NRW lead while v Cologne more than half of the courses offered have limited entry (52%), this occurs in Wuppertal only up 14% and in Paderborn even just up 10% study offers. Prospective students should be aware of this take a good look around you, if you are interested in a subject for which your Abitur grade at your chosen university is not sufficient. To the question Studying without NC – but where? can become bigger flexibility Greeting place of study pay out.

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