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Store photos and documents on HiDrive [Anzeige]

Every vacation is unique – photos and videos help capture memories. However, simply keeping many files on your smartphone is not a permanent solution. This is why we present HiDrive to you STRATO cloud storagebefore.

Every holiday, the smartphone is full of photos and videos that we want to save at home and show to our loved ones. But what if you lose your smartphone? And is there a better and easier way than sending many files via Messenger?

Yes, and the answer is HiDrive. It is a classic cloud storage where you can upload your photos, videos and documents anytime and anywhere. HiDrive goes one step further: Thanks to automatic upload from the camera, photos are automatically uploaded from the smartphone to the cloud, where they are sorted by date of capture.

HiDrive by STRATO: easy photo sharing

If several people are taking photos on vacation, a problem quickly arises: How will everyone access each other’s files? Here, too, HiDrive cloud storage is the solution. Everyone collects photos centrally in the cloud and everyone has the same access.

There is also the option to share entire folders or just individual files with others as often as you want. If you’re worried about your security being neglected as a result, HiDrive has built in extra protection. You share your files via an individual link, and you can also set a password or expiration date as needed.


Unlike other providers, photos with HiDrive always retain their original size and can be downloaded at any time.

Digital binder for important documents from your vacation

Many travelers rely on only carrying the most important holiday documents for flights and hotels in hard copy. What happens when these are lost? Then there are the problems that can be avoided. With HiDrive you can create a digital folder for your most important holiday documents.

It is also convenient to store photos and copies of identity cards and passports in the cloud. So you are on the safe side even if your smartphone gets broken or lost. Because you can alternatively access HiDrive from other devices.

Uploading documents is uncomplicated thanks to the document scanner. You simply take photos of your documents with your smartphone and upload them directly to the cloud as a PDF file.

Big advantage: You don’t necessarily need to be connected to the Internet to access it. You can easily access your documents offline.

Are my files safe in the cloud?

The topic of security is especially important for many users when it comes to personal photos, videos and documents. Whether cloud storage is secure depends on exactly where the files are stored. So: In which country are the cloud storage servers located?

Behind HiDrive is the German company STRATO, which stores all customer data exclusively in German data centers with a TÜV certificate. HiDrive is also GDPR compliant. This gives HiDrive an advantage over numerous competitors, for example from America, where data protection is not as strict as in Germany.

The “Trusted Cloud” quality seal from the competence group of the German Ministry of Economic Affairs makes the high security standards clear to the outside world. STRATO data centers are also TÜV certified according to ISO-IEC-27001.

See for yourself now from HiDrive and take advantage of many benefits and features for your next vacation.

See for yourself now

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