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Short-term work and short-term allowance: What does it mean?

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Currently, not only working from home is widespread, but also part-time work is common. But what exactly does part-time work mean? What is the amount of the short-term allowance? What are the requirements?

What is short-term work and when does it occur?

In general, part-time means “normal” and contractually regulated cutting working hours is happening So the employees work less than usual and fewer hours than contractually agreed. In certain circumstances, they do not have to work at all, which is called zero reduced working hours.

But how does abbreviated work arise and when is it needed? Short-term work is always necessary when it is also a company economic problems is coming As is currently the case, this may be the case if something happens across the board that limits the economy, such as an epidemic. Other unavoidable events such as floods or a high risk of storms can also be triggers. In the same way, a shortened consideration can also occur if the company receives fewer orders, does not have the necessary resources to continue the production of its products, or there are changes in the operating structures, which then bring economic problems. In any case, they must Reason unavoidable or inevitable be.

How much money do you get?

In any case, a company that needs short-term work is in a difficult economic situation. That is why reduced working hours are also a tool of employment policy Avoid layoffs and subsequent unemployment. Because benefits for short-time work are paid by the company applied to the Labor Office. Here short-term subsidy is included unemployment insurance, therefore authorized employees must also be insured. Eligible employees are therefore those who are employed subject to social security contributions.

For employees, part-time company registration means yes 60 percent of their net wages receive. employees pregnant circumvent 67 percent lost net wages. The money is paid regularly by the employer. However, this person can arrange the short-term allowance retroactively at the employment agency, which means that the agency will return the money paid. In addition, the so-called short pay paid, resulting from the work actually done employee results.

Due Current situation However, there is a short-term and temporary adjustment until the end of 2020. This way workers will get a Loss of work at least 50 percent have, of the fourth month envelopes 70 and 77 percent and from that the seventh month even 80 and 87 percent. Moreover, at the moment, limited until the end of 2020, all of them social security contributions taken over by the employment agency.

terms and duration

In order to be able to apply for part-time work and part-time allowance, this was the case before the current situation caused by the coronavirus a third of the workers companies had to be affected by the inevitable job losses. This means that a third of the workforce due to loss of service lose more than 10 percent of their gross monthly salary he got. Due Current situation however, there have been changes in the law which, among other things, have resulted in it being sufficient if only 10 percent of employees are affected by job loss. This represents a short-term special regulation represent.

In general, in society, you have to not all workers be affected by reduced working hours, but may also affect only part of the workforce. If there is one in the company racing council are available, they must ask before applying for part-time.

Also duration, in which short-term employment benefits can be drawn, is regulated by law. So money can usually be at most for 12 calendar months gain. The claim is renewed if the subscription is interrupted for at least 3 months. In the case of minor interruptions, the claim is only extended by the duration of the interruption. In exceptional cases, the reference period can be extended to 24 months. At the moment The duration of the short-term allowance can be extended under certain conditions for 21 months until the end of 2020 be extended.


Short-term work and the reduced time associated with it is a complex matter. The company may ask for reduced working hours if so economic problems has and this on a an inevitable event are due. They usually have to a third of employees will lose their jobs and subsequently lose more than 10 percent of their earnings have. Currently it’s enough if 10 percent of employees are affected. Disabled employees usually receive unemployment insurance 60 or 67 percent of their net wages. and maximum duration the reference period is usually 12 months, but is currently 21 months in certain circumstances. More information on the topic can be found at Employment Agency.

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