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Rights Manager: Meta’s Desperate Fight Against Recession

The current inflation is keeping the market under tension. This also applies to Facebook’s parent company Meta, as austerity measures by many companies primarily affect the online advertising industry. Meta is therefore looking for new sources of income. For example, with Rights Manager, a tool for monetizing music licenses.

Supply shortages, current inflation and the war in Ukraine have the market firmly under control. This is especially true for many tech and social media companies as the online advertising industry fears a drop in sales. The reason is the austerity measures of many companies.

Facebook’s parent company Meta has therefore launched a new tool, the so-called “Rights Manager”. This allows users to earn money using videos that contain licensed music and advertising.

Rights Manager: A new source of income for users, artists and metas!

According to the official blog post from Meta, eligible Facebook users will receive 20 percent of the ad revenue generated with videos with rights manager. The remaining 80 percent goes to both Meta and the music rights holders, i.e. the artists or their labels.

However, the US group did not say how the revenue would be split between rights holders and Meta. The new reward model only applies to videos created by users with licensed music on Facebook. Official music videos that also circulate on the platform are excluded from the model.

How the Rights Manager works

However, some conditions apply to the Rights Manager. For example, videos must be at least 60 seconds long to qualify for the compensation model. It must also include visual elements. On the other hand, musk must not be a “primary purpose”.

Users must also follow Facebook’s general monetization guidelines and guidelines. According to Meta, the Rights Manager should help with the exercise of rights. However, the model should primarily generate additional income for the group itself.

Meta vs TikTok

According to official information, the tool can be used by all users in the future. However, only US users will initially benefit from the distributions. As Meta announced, the feature is set to be rolled out to other countries in the “coming months”.

The rights manager is not only a response to inflation, but also to increasing competition from TikTok. The American group probably wants to create another incentive for posting more videos on Facebook.

According to Meta, moving images are playing an increasingly important role on Facebook. According to a blog post, users spend 50 percent of their time consuming videos. Meta’s Instagram subsidiary is also becoming a TikTok clone. CEO Adam Mosseri therefore had to be the last clear criticism to be OK with.

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