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This post deals with Result the newly released one A study by the Bertelsmann Foundationdealing with Training situation in 2022 during ongoing corona crisis employed.

study methodology

The study described above is a representative survey those in the period from 28 January to 6 March 2022 in Face-to-face survey was performed. To ensure representativeness for the whole of Germany, the sample included a total 1,666 young people aged 14 to 20 years on appropriate distribution of federal states when weighing the results.

perception of training and study

Interest in training and study

Both interest in education just like that study interest of young people in Germany is in 2022 high. Three quarters of the students pull one out considered training. I am interested in a teaching certificate 80% or 78% particularly high among young people lower and secondary education. Complementary that is because study interest especially high Students aspiring to graduate high school. However, they are also 35% of this group still drawwhether you are a studies and 43%whether you have a education they want to compete. It is also reasonable to assume that future high school graduates Training as a way station plan before starting your studies.

Assessment of training and study options as well as political efforts

Regarding the training situation in 2022 54% of young people in Germany from reduced training opportunities since the coronavirus crisis out. Have this assumption with 68% especially students with low school education. They are too 37% of the young people surveyed believe this too few training places would exist. This number is especially large among Hauptschule students. Despite the verdict lack of qualified workers.

Looking at the expected Study opportunities young people stand out a more positive picture. see like this 52% people interviewed about their chances of getting a place at university not reduced by the pandemic situation. Total go 64% of young people in Germany assume that a higher school qualifications in times of crisis better career opportunities allows

That aspirations for politics with regard to the training situation in 2022 of probationers as too low rated. evaluate as follows 80% of young people use the policy as insufficient.

Assessment and evaluation of career guidance offers

Career orientation in Corona

Young people have been complaining about the coronavirus pandemic Lack of company information on career choice as Cancellation of relevant trade fairs. On the other hand, find Offers for career guidance within the school again more often instead of. These are also used by students like mostly good rated. That’s how he feels more than half of young people are well or very well informed by their school about training and work.

Help in finding a study sheet

Finding a study sheet can be difficult. So they are 53% young people think so difficult is abundant on find information on the topic of education and work. For this reason they are Supportive very helpful. Following is one extract and the most common cases of support young people looking for an apprenticeship:

  1. parents (78%)
  2. school and teaching staff (56%)
  3. Career counseling from the employment agency (51%)
  4. Internet (45%)
  5. acquaintances and relatives (38%)
  6. friends (34%)
  7. Social media (16%)
  8. Trainers or transient companions (12%)
  9. online tools (11%)

It is about half of the people interviewed sufficiently supported. Especially in high demand in relation to More help Yippee specific contact person (preferred inside the school), to which those interested in training can permanently refer.

Training situation in 2022: How are people doing in training?

There are a total of people who have already obtained a teaching certificate Very satisfied with that. It is probably due to the fact that 85% AND Teaching in the desired field and – regardless of the current economic situation – also don’t worry about later adoption.

Impact on entry into the world of work

There was one during the pandemic shift in preferences young people. From the previous year entertainment when deciding on a career versus a good safety in the foreground, these values ​​have changed in relation to the training situation in 2022 justified. That The desire for safety at the expense of fun is in particularly high among young people with low or medium educationG.

Overall it is possible different views of the future depending on graduation will. So they are Pupils with lower or secondary education more often with regard to their professional future concerned, as (prospective) high school graduates. Although the results of other studies as well Concerns and psychological stress of the past year Abitur found.

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