Private schools in Germany – current developments • Profiling Institute

Private schools in Germany – current developments • Profiling Institute

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private schools in Germany

That Federal Statistical Office recently updated data regarding Development of private schools in Germany published and relies on both education statistics as well as on Statistics on income tax and wages.

Legal basis for private schools

private schools they are in Germany constitutionally protected. Article 7(4) of the Basic Law states in its first sentence that approved by the state Private schools can be established. They edit the next sentences of the article other requirements for a private school, which reads:

Private schools in Germany, private schools in Germany - current developments

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  • learning objectives and device as training of teaching staff allowed they are not behind public schools
  • one department students according to the property of the parents may not funded will
  • and economic and legal status of teachers he got secured be

Private schools must too educational concept show and are therefore the majority pedagogical reform or denominational justified.

The growing number of private students and private schools in Germany

in School year 2018/2019 visited in total million students one private school. The share of private students in Germany was never higher. At the same time increases also number of private schools stable in Germany. He was there during the school year 1992/1993 still 3,232 Private schools in Germany are there during the school year 2018/2019 already 5,811. This has increased in recent decades general education schools – more accurate Elementary School and high schools – Established. Especially in East German states he came to one rapid increase private schools, which were previously not allowed in the former GDR.

Dual studies - what needs to change?

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Number elementary school studentsthat in the school year 1992/1993 attended a private educational institution 27,200 of total 3,419,600 children 0.8%. in the school year 2018/2019 is the total number of elementary school students relative to demographic change in total 2,802 200 he dropped However, the number of private students is increasing 100,300 increased. This gives the proportion of children of primary school age attending a private school at 3.6%. However, the largest share of private students is in the field High School. It was the same during the school year 2018/2019 WITH 35.4% more than a third of all private students high school students, 13.1% of primary school pupils and 12.3% of high school students.

The tuition debate

in constitution it is already established that a Distribution of pupils according to parents’ wealth not funded maybe. That’s how it plays school feeswhich many private schools require plays an important role.

Tuition that is too high is unconstitutional

with maximal height tuition is handled by numerous Court decision. So give it Federal Constitutional Court 1994 range 170 to 190 DM Celebration. In 2005 categorized Administrative Court of Baden-Württemberg total 120 euros monthly school fees in accordance with the constitution. and constitutionality review tuition fees are included country thing.

Wage and income tax statistics provide information on tuition fees

Since the education statistics do not provide any data on school fees, it is necessary to take a closer look at them Statistics on income tax and wages throw. Because parents have the option 30% of tuition – while doing so a maximum of 5,000 euros per year (including any entry fees) – as part Taxable special expenses close. Rare use in 2016 57% of parents of those children who attended private school, this opportunity.

How high are tuition fees at private schools in Germany?

It was based on this data average annual tuition in about 2000 euros. To that end, it should be emphasized that for 59% students interviewed in this way, less than 1,500 euros in annual tuition fees parents paid. The proportion of those who, however over 5000 euros per year The price includes the payment of school fees 6.8% and the highest share in that group is omitted 2.7% on their children annual tuition on 10,000 euros or more achieved leader regarding highest average school fees per child Yippee Rhein-Kreis Neuss WITH 7,428 eurosfollowed Dusseldorf WITH 6,625 euros and Hochtaunuskreis WITH 6255 euros.

Whose children attend private schools in Germany?

and probabilitythat The number of students attending private school increases with parents’ income. while only 3.6% households sa Annual income up to a maximum of 50,000 euros tuition on your 2016 tax return, households with one annual income between 250,000 and 1,000,000 euros 13.2%. Looking only at households that have a annual income of million euros or more can show the share is even included 18.7%.

And also The amount of any school fees increases with the parents’ income. in household income between 100,000 and 125,000 euros put it down average stated tuition 2000. However, one could annual income of more than 1,000,000 euros be presented, were on average 7,800 euros for child’s annual school fees spent.

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