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Part time for students: Ghostwriting – What is the legal status?

Ghostwriting is in demand in many fields, including politics and business. It is crisis work, which is also well-paid. The academic option is especially interesting for scientific texts. These include semester theses, study theses, bachelor’s, diploma and doctoral theses. For example, if studies are coming to an end, exams and the like cause sheer stress. Many young people lack the time and inspiration to create a top-notch thesis as well. The help of a classmate is exactly what you need. The question arises as to whether students are allowed to increase their home budget through ghostwriting in this area.

Involvement of a professional ghostwriting company

Established companies are like academic papers academic writing specialized. Her various tasks include creation

  • Document,
  • reveals
  • statistical evaluations,
  • presentation,
  • professional articles,
  • bibliography and contents.

In addition, bachelor’s, diploma, home and diploma theses as well as dissertation and habilitation theses are on the program. Professionalism is guaranteed and they also have a clear knowledge of legal options.

Court decision on academic ghostwriting

If students want to make money from ghostwriting, there is nothing to stop them since it is a civil legal service. It rests in Creating a specific text on behalf of the client by a third party. The work usually consists of the delivery of the finished work. In 2009, the Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt addressed the crucial question of whether academic ghostwriting is legal. The judges came to the following conclusion:

For the legality of the work of a ghostwriter, it does not matter in what field it is used. For this reason, ghostwriting academic papers is as legal as biographies, lectures or speeches.

What are the risks of ghostwriting?

Subject to the above statement, academic ghostwriting is generally permitted. However, related part-time work for students is associated with certain risks: The basis is the employment contract between the client and the ghostwriter, on the one hand there are risks in the area of ​​entitlement to payment, on the other hand, with regard to poor performance.

A typical content of a work contract is as follows: A Ghostwriter will prepare a scientific work on behalf of his client. The person in question then submits it to the relevant institution on their behalf. However, there is a problem with this contractual constellation, because the second part of the agreement cannot be legally fulfilled. This is because copyright in a copyrighted work, including a text, musical work or image, cannot be transferred. This means that the intellectual owner is also the author without exception.

As a result, it is not legally possible for a client to submit a text taken over by a ghostwriter on their behalf. The university faces serious consequences if this is a violation. The person in question faces exmatriculation and a heavy fine. In addition, if the thesis refers to the fact that it is the student’s own work, the student even commits a criminal offense (false sworn statement). According to § 156 tr can expect a prison sentence of up to three years.

Since it is against the law to submit work that you did not write yourself, ghostwriters should be careful when accepting such assignments. According to the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court, the contracts that were concluded for the writing of dissertations and diploma theses are the subject of immorality. The judges in charge did not discuss the illegality of academic ghostwriting, but pointed out that it was a legally impermissible activity. In this case, they had no doubt that the work in question was handed over one to one in their name. They justified it with a high payment of 10,000 euros. According to her, it would be extremely unrealistic to pay so much for exercise.

The fact is that immoral contracts are legally void, so their existence is denied. This means that the ghostwriter lacks a written security to pursue his claim for payment in court if necessary. In order not to jeopardize the income from the temporary work, you must pay attention to the explicit design of the contract. This includes mentioning the corresponding service, such as being commissioned to create inspirational basics, examples or exercises. In addition, the focus should be on adequate remuneration. According to the judgment of the higher regional court in Cologne, there are no objections to such academic ghost work, it is legal.

What warranty claims are ghostwriters subject to?

Regardless of whether a student or a company as a ghostwriter has contracted the work with the client, they are responsible for a good result. The customer’s investment must be returned. For a thesis for a university, this means a result that is graded well. If this is not the case, warranty claims may be made against the author.

Of course, Ghostwriter cannot guarantee an excellent exam result. But the fact is that most of them advertise with their scientific knowledge and rich experience. From a legal point of view, therefore, an unprofessional work, which may contain numerous plagiarisms, is not in accordance with the contract. However, the risk that the ghostwriter will be held liable or even have to go to court is low – after all, the client is the center of attention. perhaps they have to reckon with the consequences on the part of the university.

Academic ghostwriting: violations of the ethics of science

The German University Association has been trying to include academic ghostwriting on the list of criminal offenses for many years. Various attempts to achieve this goal have failed to date. They have so far failed because no legally secure formulation of the crime of scientific fraud has been found. However, those responsible have not yet given up the fight, because violating the ethics of science is absolutely unacceptable for them.

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