Our Picks of the Week - Campus Noise

Our Picks of the Week – Campus Noise

Summer is in great condition and begging to be used. But if you’re looking for alternatives to lounging by the swimming pool, you’ll quickly stumble into Dresden’s thicket of events. We’re here to help and clear the way with our latest weekly tips.

Monday, June 27

A new week is starting and what could be better than getting all the energy out of yourself in the summer weather? It fits in the park invites you to modern yoga in Beutlerpark today at 5:15 p.m., fans of combat sports will have their fun from 4:30 p.m. with taekwondo in Gruna Rothermundpark. The offer of the city of Dresden is free and can be visited spontaneously, you need a mat for yoga. If your weaker self outsmarts you today, you can take advantage of the daily sports deals until July 27th.

Tuesday 28.6.

If the anonymous big city life gets on your nerves, today you have the opportunity to find out what drives other Dresdeners on their way to the university, to the shops or to see friends. That Talk project metropolis_polis is on tram line 4 from 8.58am and wants to create cohesion by making strangers talk.

In the afternoon, a panel discussion on the history of TU Dresden will take place in the Görges Building. From 5 p.m., two experts will discuss how the SED influenced the university during the GDR Higher education reform of 1968.

Wednesday, June 29

Today you will learn how to improve your old clothes Fair Fashion Factory in a Japanese palace – free of charge. The workshop starts at 2 p.m. You can find alternative dates on the home page.

Thursday, June 30

“chess poisoning” – that’s the name of the fusion of Stefan Zweig’s “Schachnovelle” and the Netflix series “Queen’s Gambit”, which DIE BÜHNE presents for the first time today at 20:15. Students pay five euros, but you should be quick when booking tickets: spectators are only allowed as many pieces as there are pieces in the chess game. If you can’t find a place today, you can try one of the subsequent dates in July and instead drop by the KulturHof riesa efau and spend the evening with love spell add.

Friday July 1st

Starting today, the festival will focus on how we treat our planet “Claiming Common Spaces: Cool Down” to the center. Music, dance and theater will flow alongside workshops and discussion formats at the Hellerau European Center for the Arts until July 9, inviting you to tackle the climate and environmental crisis at all levels and translate the impressions gained into attitude and enthusiasm. The opening is at 7 p.m., admission is free.

Alternatively, you can make yourself comfortable in the meadow behind the center of the lecture hall and watch “12 Jurors” in the free summer cinema cinema in the lodge. The movie starts at 9:30 p.m.

Saturday, July 2

Weekend – it’s time to get to know Dresden and its surroundings more! For classic car lovers, the 11th Campus Classics outing starts at 11am. Anyone who succeeds in this can ride in the passenger seat raffle participated – the last one is the Friday before! Everyone else can admire the historical companions two hours earlier on the main campus.

If you want to lighten things up a bit on Saturday, you can go to urban scam in good hands in Neustadt. In just over an hour, you will hear many stories about Dresden here, but certainly none of them are true. Starts at 1pm – prices vary.

Sunday July 3rd

On the Labi, Ezé Wendtoin and Band Mucke release their album for the first time BurkinAfro Festival in Dresden. From 15:00 on the premises of the Saloppe summer inn, he will introduce you to the environment of a family celebration in Burkina Faso and dance merrily into the summer evening. Tickets are already on sale, students will pay 8.80 euros.

Text: Tobias Alsleben

Photo: Amac Sheaf

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