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New Sibling: What Should You Consider?

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When a baby is added to a one-child family, it means excitement, change and uncertainty for everyone involved. A new sibling is not only exciting and stressful for the parents, but also for the older sibling. How to prepare a child for a new sibling? What should you consider?

New situations for everyone

Being pregnant for the second time and expecting another baby is not only a challenge for parents and new situation but even for a childwho has a new sibling This presents parents with the challenge of not only preparing and concentrating on everything for the new baby, but involve an older child as well, prepare him and do not neglect him. It is a balancing act that can also lead to uncertainty on the part of parents. It’s nothing unusual, worrying or anything like that, it’s just part of the process of adapting to the new situation the whole family is in. The question may arise of how to properly educate a child about the topic of a new sibling, how to prepare and involve them so that there are as few conflicts and problems as possible. There are some tips and suggestions that can help you. However, it is important to note that these are only general suggestions and may not be equally appropriate or helpful for every child. Rather, parents should act adapt to the age, nature and in general of your own childhow it makes sense to them.

when to talk about it

When parents find out that a new sibling is on the way, it is usually at the beginning of the 9-month pregnancy. Already at this point, many parents feel compelled to share the news with their child. But it often doesn’t make much sense, because the next 9 months are a very long time for the child, which he can’t grasp. This means that he often does not yet understand how long it will actually be until the sibling is there. Therefore, it is usually suitable for a child prepare for a new situation only 3 to 4 months in advance. This is usually still in time and the time until it actually happens is more tolerable for the child.

how to talk about it

When parents talk to their child about a new sibling, they should understand the new situation they are about to face don’t present it too nicely. A sibling is often introduced as a new teammate. However, at first this is not reality and the child may be disappointed with the new baby who spends most of the time sleeping or eating. That’s why they should expectations are not raised unrealistically, but the new situation needs to be realistically discussed with the child. So you could say that a baby he still has a lot to learn and needs different things than an older child. Here he can picture books helps those dealing with life with a new sibling. You can also talk to the child what it was like as a baby and also show him his pictures. It might be a good idea too look at a real baby together go. This is useful if the new baby is born in the circle of friends or family. In this way, expectations can also be realistic.


Parents can also involve the child in the preparations for the new sibling and continue to involve them after the birth. So you can ask the child whether they want help choosing things for the new children’s room or clothes for the baby. A child is born, one may ask whether it is when winding or similar would be happy to help. It’s important though this Open the possibility to help, but not as an obligation see. The child should help himself as he wants so that he is not overloaded. In any case, the help and support of the child should be received positively and praiseworthy by the parents and its importance should be emphasized.

Implement changes in a timely manner

If changes need to be made for the birth of a child, such as Moving the child to a new room, Changes in established processes in the family or something more frequent overnight stays of a child with, for example, grandparents, they should introduced before birth will. Thus, these changes for the child are not exclusive to the new baby, which can potentially prevent negative feelings such as jealousy or anger towards the baby.

No pressure and no high expectations from the child

Parents may often think that a child must immediately love and be enthusiastic about their new sibling. However, this is often not the case The reaction to the first meeting is often ambivalent and not exuberant. This is not a concern, but it is a normal reaction in some children. That the baby usually moves closer to the mother and baby, when the time comes. Therefore, parents should not try to convince the child that they must love him immediately because he is their sibling. The child should be given time to get used to the situation.

Show proper handling

If the child is interested, the parents should be to mediate the correct and loving treatment of the child. They should show how to touch and treat the baby nicely. Here, the child’s reactions can also be addressed so that the child gets a positive feeling in relation to his dealings with the child. This can also strengthen the bond between siblings.

time with the child

A new sibling takes a lot from the parents and a lot of time and attention goes to the baby, especially from the mother. Therefore, parents should schedule fixed times when they will only do something with the older child and give him your full attention. Even in this way, the child’s jealousy can be resisted and he does not feel neglected.


A new sibling is a change for the whole family. Here are tips for preparing an older child any suggestionshow the change could be made easier for the child or how to prepare well for it. However, these are just a few suggestions not appropriate or useful in every situation they are. Parents should individually adapt to your child and consider what seems best for him.

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