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New professions in 2030 • Profiling Institute

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and The future academy of Upper Austria has with help 15 experts based on one a thought experiment with profession of the future employed. This post answers the question of how this is possible new jobs in 2030 could look

New professions in 2030 – change as a basis

Possible new professions in 2030 result from changes in all areas of life. This change is called as follows megatrends managed by:

  • health culture
  • individualization
  • globalization
  • New mobility
  • urbanization
  • knowledge society
  • climate change
  • networking
  • digitization
  • Demographic changes

The ones just mentioned megatrends take Impact on all areas of life and therefore also in professional world for innovation. Because they condition new needswhich on the other hand new job descriptions let arise.

New professions in 2030 due to social changes

and society as a whole it is mainly influenced by megatrends demographic change and individualization disabled. Plus he plays digitization an important role. Need Orientation and consulting serviceswoman individual basis and own competence Powers grow just like that Desire for attention, cohesion and digital supportespecially in intergenerational and intercultural area.

New professions in 2030 due to environmental change

In the field of the environment, the megatrends of globalization, urbanization and new mobility in focus. Along the complex structure sustainability there are a number of new job opportunities that include regional products or services Act.

New professions in 2030 due to changing value and skill creation

In the field of change creating values ​​and competences the demand will be increased in the future individualized educational offersthat of indicative offers be accompanied by a hybrid (ie both digital and analog) options offer.

Sample new professions in 2030

Technical and security support and consultation

It could become a new profession in digital technology and security support and consulting Smart home manager Come. That would be like contact person for matters relating to smart home technology act. Another conceivable job would be Trainers for a safer internet and privacywho cares Security of private persons’ data in new media old.

digital health

A new job in digital health could be mechatronics nursing technician be. That would be like Nurse WITH care robots cooperate and these and others coordinate and maintain assistance systems.

Knowledge networks and evaluation of information in companies

Judging by the thought experiment, the need for knowledge networks and the evaluation of information in the operational field will enable a large number of new professions in 2030. An example can be a job profile e-coaches or that one AI ethics. Mainly people who work as e-coaches participate older employees together to that with regard to the demands of the digital world of work train. As an AI ethicist, you could help companies and organizations in the near future Creation of their algorithms with respect to ethical values advise. Based on current developments, the job profile is a Fake news analyst, news reports On their truthfulness controlled.

Life coaching in all phases

as Personal teaching coach you could help people individual learning strategies develop and apply together. There would also be one job profile in the field of life coaching Self-confidence coaches for children or that one Recreation counselor for youth conceivable.

future communications

The need for communication also leaves plenty of room for the establishment of new professions in the future. For example, occupation Good news influencer push through. Such a person would be at odds with mainstream news, which primarily uses pessimism as a news factor optimism give a mainly positive news spreading.

Comprehensive regional development

In the course of urbanization, the profession can Habitat Revitalizer Help, reintegrate fallow land into the natural environment. Among them would be e.g vacant industrial buildings or also abandoned private houses autumn.

Sustainable production and sustainable consumption

Product sustainability plays an increasingly important role from the consumer’s point of view. For this reason, the profession could SDG Foodprint Advisor prove useful. A person engaged in this activity would company with regard to Important sustainability factorssuch as CO2, water consumption and the like.


New professions in 2030 may also result primarily from the megatrend of globalization. as Cultural translator you can company with regard to different cultures and behaviors like forms of politeness raise awareness and so on better intercultural negotiation contribute. as Global Export Scout one keeps a close eye on global markets and can always do business advice adapted to the global situation.

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