More than just lending books: a wide range of services offered by UB

More than just lending books: a wide range of services offered by UB

Have you just started your studies at the University of Basel or have you simply not had the opportunity to explore the university and all that it entails due to the lack of on-site events? Then you now have the chance to get to know an important part of the University of Basel, the University Library and its offer.

The university library has five locations. In addition to the main library, they are UB Medicine, UB Religion, UB Rosental and UB Economics. The University Library supplies research literature to the University of Basel. Nowadays, of course, this includes not only printed books, but also numerous electronic media. If the required medium is not available in Basel, books, scans or copies can be ordered from anywhere in Switzerland.

In addition, UB offers a generous infrastructure in the form of workplaces, group rooms, learning environments and lounges. Students greatly appreciate these quiet places to study. If your eyes slowly close or your stomach grumbles while studying, it’s worth going to the buffet on the 4th floor of the UB main library.

Study and research support

The university library supports students up to senior semesters as well as researchers in their research and publication activities. It provides important information about research data, work publications or research proposals. But you don’t have to have a PhD to benefit from this know-how.

UB is also the right place to go for (pre)seminars or final theses: if you don’t know how to approach literature research or you don’t have a plan to track your literature, UB staff have won They will help you not only with advice and events, but also with courses and training . By the way: If you need to print your work or copy or scan something – you can do it in UB as well.

courses and consultations

A good selection of specialist literature serves as an important basis for successful seminar or diploma theses, but also for lectures, presentations and much more. Finding the right literature can make it easier for you to take a literature research course at your university library. And do you already know Zotero or Citavi? This makes it much easier for you to create bibliographies and cite sources. The university library offers students introductory courses on literature management programs. For first-year students, one of the general events at the beginning of the semester, such as a tour of the University Library or familiarization with the online catalog, is also worthwhile. You can find the course program of the university library here.

If you also have a question about the catalog, if the book is not in its place or if you cannot get to the study rooms, the staff will help you on site at the information desks, via catalog chat or by e-mail, and they are happy to call you further. Because this service is also part of what the five UB locations offer.

«UB Days» at the beginning of the semester

As you can see, UB offers a lot of services, some of which are probably unknown even to long-time students. At the beginning of the semester, the library now collects all information about its services and makes it available within the framework «UB days» from March 1 to March 3. Individual events take place via Zoom and last between 15 and 30 minutes. Registration is not required. If you would like to take this opportunity to get to know UB more closely, you will find here Program.

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