Ein Student sitzt im Hörsaal, im Vordergrund ist ein QR-Code zur Kontaktnachverfolgung sichtbar.

Measures to preserve the protected face-to-face teaching / blog of the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena

Dear students,

Due to the further increasing incidence of corona in Thuringia and Jena, the President’s Council, deans, deans of studies, the Corona Senate Working Group and members of the crisis management team exchanged views on the situation in an emergency zoom meeting last Wednesday.

As a result, the participants came to the conclusion that full-time studies at the university are relatively safe: this is not only due to the high vaccination coverage among students and teachers, which is, at more than 90%, well above the average in the Czech Republic. population, but also 3-G regulation and the concept of university infection control. The university has so far reported only a few isolated cases of infection.

After three digital semesters, most students and teachers request protected personal offers. At the same time, some are asking for the flexibility that is already possible if lecturers and students agree on a digital or hybrid format for face-to-face events.

In order for presence to continue to be possible, it is important not only to take advantage of vaccination offers, but also to limit all our contacts beyond the scope of face-to-face courses and also to ensure compliance with infection protection rules. at every moment of our private lives.

Measures to further increase security

  • Stay with cold symptoms – even with mild symptoms – homeregardless of your vaccinations or recovery status. Do not even go to the testing center, but first contact your general practitioner, the relevant health department or the emergency service of doctors of statutory health insurance companies (telephone: 116 117) and agree on how to proceed.
  • From Monday 22 November 2021 you must be in university buildings, although you will keep your distance always wear a medical mask wears (also in courses or at WLAN workstations).
  • of Evidence of a negative rapid test result valid from Monday 22 November 2021 only for 24 hours. This applies to attending classroom courses as well as to ThULB facilities and Studierendenwerk cafeterias and cafeterias. Students and faculty can take free civics tests or self-test at an on-campus self-test center with no restrictions under supervision. PCR tests are still valid for 48 hours. (Note: Like Students of the Faculty of Medicine Please note the 3-G-Plus rule, which applies separately for the protection of patients in accordance with the hygiene concept of the UKJ.)
  • At the same time, we want a count Tests for vaccinated and recovered persons increase – take advantage of the free civics tests or test yourself under supervision in the testing center on campus.
  • Registration via QRoniton is still required for any full-time course. Also in other situations, e.g. B. when visiting the cafeteria or using the WLAN workstations, we ask you to register using the QR code on the display. This ensures that in the event of an infection we can transfer contacts to the health department or notify you ourselves if requested by the health department.
  • It will be from next week 3-G control for larger events at the university with 16 people. Teachers can also review 3-G evidence at any time or ask the team to review it.
  • More information can be found on our website vaccination options in and around Jena. A community vaccination center is planned on the premises.

contact tracing

Health authorities still need our support for rapid contact tracing in case of infection. If you have tested positive for the coronavirus, self-isolate immediately and notify:

  • health department of the city of Jena (gesundheitsamt@jena.de)
  • close contacts (more on this: https://gesundheit.jena.de/de/coronavirus)
  • Your teachers if you personally attended classes in the last two days before the swab or before the first symptoms appeared
  • university crisis team (corona@uni-jena.de), which can provide support at the request of the Department of Health. The following information is required:
    • The date when the positive test was performed or when the first symptoms appeared
    • Phone number and email address used to register via QRoniton
    • Exact information (date, time, place, possible lecturer) about the courses you attended – as well as about other situations in which you stayed in the buildings of the university or student unions during this period (e.g. visiting the canteen, university sports events)

If teachers or the crisis management team have informed you that you have been in contact with a person who has tested positive, this is an excuse not to attend face-to-face classes if you go into self-isolation. This also applies if you are informed by the person concerned or if the quarantine is ordered by the health department (even for contacts in the private sphere). In this case, there is no entitlement to online education.

More information

You can always find up-to-date information on the situation at Friedrich Schiller University and answers to all important questions at our headquarters Corona FAQ.

If your questions are not answered there, please send an email to corona@uni-jena.de.

Thanks for your support and stay healthy!


Prof. Dr. Walter Rosenthal
President of the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena

Prof. Dr. Kim Siebenhuener
Vice President for Studies and Instruction

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