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Contribution Atlas of Digital Work deals with Digitization of schools also with regard to corona crisis and thereby reveals: they exist many teachers on the limit.

Insufficient digitization of German schools

Various studies state again and again: the Digitization of German schools Yippee insufficient. Every third school in Germany can as digital laggards be determined and 29% there are schools average digitized. only one 38% of schools are considered digital pioneers (12%) or at least they are digitally oriented (26%). Both are missing digital hardware as well as on digital skills teachers. Even if there are many of them efforts by politicians he made progress in the digitization of German schools, such as the following:

  • An educational offensive for the digital knowledge society (2016)
  • Conference of Ministers of Education: Education in the Digital World
    World (2016)
  • Digital Pact School (2019)

Many teachers on the limit

Due to the coronavirus crisis, schools have been closed since the start of the pandemic in 2020 closing schools he was forced digital learning formats dodge. But this presents many teachers with immense problems challenges. A large part of the teaching staff contributed even before the pandemic regular overtime. Another effort that comes with digital learning has led to another Extension of weekly working hours average teachers 30 to 60 minutes. Comes with one Quarter boy teachers to one offense and statutory maximum weekly working hours of 48 hours. Many teachers do this at the limit of its possibilities.

and time burden will be from pressure and stress accompanied. Because reporting through the pandemic 60% to 90% teachers from New additive tasks. These are also caused lack of equipment difficult to solve. Miss technical end devices, suitable spaces and professional training and support. It has stress and frustration among teachers who also refer to their health condition can have an impact and ultimately through absenteeism can make it noticeable.


The corona crisis has shown again that sufficient development digital skills and abilities of children and youth in school context in Germany not given enough Yippee. But from below Suffer not only that Students. Because they are too many teachers on the limit. For this reason, one is needed far-reaching reform pursuant The challenges of digitization the German education system.

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