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Job references and provisional references are important documents in the world of work. They confirm the services provided and are important to the professional career to provide evidence of the activities and also clarify the services provided during them. What exactly is it about? What should you know about job references and running references?

Reference place

On the subject of job references and running references, you should first look at the job reference. This is more common, especially since workers rely on it entitlement after termination of employment have. This right is legally valid and subsisting 3 years after leaving the company. It refers to a written, not handwritten and not purely digital reference to the job, i.e. a printed and signed reference.

It must be between one simple and one qualified work reference to differentiate in one simple Only objective key employment data stated, such as the nature and duration of these activities, as well as activities and tasks. AND qualified A job reference also includes a performance evaluationas well as one assessment of social behavior. If you want to get a qualified job reference, you have to actively ask for it.

The law also stipulates that the workplace after all and benevolent must be formulated. Defamatory wording and criticism are therefore not allowed. Nevertheless, supposedly benevolent wording in the work reference should often be viewed with caution. Over time, a kind of secret code has developed, with the help of which criticism is hidden in supposedly benevolent formulations. Therefore, work references should be accepted be checked for these common formulations. There are many sites and articles on the Internet that discuss example wording and their meaning. In this way, employees can see what “grade” their certificate corresponds to, i.e. whether the rating corresponds to very good, good, satisfactory, sufficient or insufficient.

It often happens that employees change their work reference expose yourself can or should. Otherwise, employment references are issued by HR employees or employers. In any case, they must employer or superiors sign the certificate.

A qualified work reference is usually the following build and in Past tense written:

  • letterhead employer
  • captione.g. work references
  • employee data (full name, date of birth, duration of activity with date of entry and exit, type of employment)
  • Maybe. brief description of the company with name, field and field of activity
  • Job content, tasks
  • performance evaluation (typically includes: ability to work/expertise, willingness to work/determination, work methods, work success and, if necessary, special knowledge/skills)
  • assessment of social behavior (in order; superiors, colleagues, customers and business partners)
  • leading performance
  • Reason for leaving the company (the exact reason can only be given with the permission of the employee)
  • Conclusion and wishes for the future
  • Place, date, signature of employer/supervisor

Therefore, sick or parental leave does not belong to the employment relationship.

If employees discover that they have been issued a work reference incorrect, incomplete or unclearly worded that is, they can contest it or reject it aa request repair. This can be obtained orally, in writing or through court proceedings. The claim for repair lasts 15 months.

However, the topic of work references and ongoing references does not end with this consideration of the work reference. An interim report follows.

Interim report

An interim reference is also part of a working reference and an interim reference. This is onee Link type. An important difference is that a provisional certificate is requested or issued when the employment relationship still exists. AND Claim there is usually an interim certificate No, unless the collective agreement stipulates otherwise. A request for a temporary reference by employers is often not even welcomed, as it is associated with imminent dismissal.

In fact, many intermediate links are used for this Applying for another position used inside or outside the company. There are other so-called good reasonswho can justify an application for a provisional certificate. It can be:

  • A long one that has not yet been evaluated in writing belonging to society
  • AND change of supervisors
  • One Transfer or internal change of employment to another workplace/other department/other position/etc.
  • And completed/will be completed Continuing education
  • coming Merger or acquisition of operations
  • That Termination of a fixed-term employment contract
  • once before parental leave or before leave
  • Before scheduled or upcoming shrinking

If one of these reasons is given when applying for a temporary letter, it can be accepted positively by the employer and possible fears of impending dismissal can be avoided. You can usually apply for a provisional certificate approximately every 3 years are carried out unless one of the valid reasons mentioned above is given in advance.

A distinction is also made between the certificate simple and qualified, as well as job references. Here, too, a qualified certificate is more meaningful. The structure of a qualified temporary clerk does not differ significantly from the structure of a qualified clerk of employment. differences are:

  • formulation in The present, a gift
  • No departure date
  • exhibition groundsinstead of the reason for leaving
  • No wishes for the future

The question remains what role the interim reference plays when it comes to job references and interim references. A qualified provisional certificate actually has a number of benefits. In the case of a job or final reference issued later, the employer may do not deviate significantly from the assessment in the interim report without a valid reason. This also applies if the leader has changed since the interim report was issued. So the interim report is to some extent custody. In addition, a positive interim report can be the basis for negotiations salary matters represent, as well as opportunities or personal development needs can be clarified.


The topic of job references and ongoing references is therefore of interest to all employees. AND Claim insists on one certificate of employment after the end of employment. Both certificates can easy (purely objective representation of the activity) or qualified (additional performance evaluation and social behavior evaluation) are and are issued similarly constructed. You have to truthfully and benevolently worded will. Formulations should indicate their clarity or possible meaning controlled will. This way you can find out how good or bad the rating actually was. One repairing certificates can be requested.

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