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intelligence tests are used not only in children and youth, but can also be encountered in adulthood when looking for a job. Some companies use intelligence tests when selecting personnel. Candidates who are asked to take such a test are often nervous and tense. What is it all about? How exactly are such tests integrated? How to prepare

It is not yet widespread in Germany

What exactly intelligence tests are and what they measure, we already had in a previous article on this topic intelligence and cognitive abilities described. In general, such tests are about cognitive performance one person. This information may be of interest to companies and may be important when filling a position. The use of intelligence tests in personnel selection is not yet widespread in Germany. In countries like things are different Great Britain out. He is already using one here big part companies use these tests in their recruitment processes. in Germany however they are below 15 percent.

the usefulness debate

The reason could be the debate about the usefulness and added value of intelligence tests in personnel selection. So it’s controversial how helpful they are really there to filter out suitable applicants. Proponents are promising one more objective and reliable assessment cognitive performance of applicants. Skeptics, on the other hand, fear that good preparation will affect the results distorted and manipulated it could happen. On the other hand, there are scientific results that give intelligence tests a good predictive ability about professional success award to a person.

The utility of an intelligence test in personnel selection depends, on the one hand, on whether the magnitude recorded, i.e., cognitive performance, relevant to the job to be filled Yippee. If so, such a test may be useful. But for a test to be really useful, it must also be good and reliably measure and record what is required. In addition to good and reputable intelligence tests, there are many less good to bad tests, the results of which are correspondingly less useful for personnel selection.

But even good intelligence tests provide information only about aspects that have been recorded and are measurable. Other relevant sub-aspectssuch as technical knowledge or social skills not recorded. Therefore, intelligence tests are usually not alone, but in combination it is used with other methods to get a holistic picture of applicants.

Intelligence tests essentially work in a similar way and aim for them processing capacity, memory, creativity and work speed away. These will come with mathematically or arithmetic problems, linguistic or text assignments, as well as Tasks with pictures and pictures raised.

Properly used intelligence tests can improve the personnel selection process and make it more objective as a complement to other processes.

How are they used?

Exactly how companies use intelligence tests to select personnel varies. One option is this before first use assessment center or similarly preselection suitable applicants. In such a case, the selected applicants will usually receive a link to a online test, which he must pass. The performance in this test then decides whether a person continues to participate in the selection process or withdraws.

An intelligence test can also only during the selection process for example as part of an assessment center. This offers candidates an advantage over the IQ test result he doesn’t decide on his ownwhether they are still fit for work or not. At this point, the responsible staff could get a more comprehensive picture of the applicants and there is an opportunity to compensate for any deficiencies.

Preparation of intelligence tests for personnel selection

Exactly which tasks appear in the intelligence test used is individual. Yet it exists some frequently used tasks. Below are some of these examples. So I can them mathematically Component calculation or estimation tasks or graph interpretation tasks and the like are used, as well as number series completion. in linguistic Sometimes there may be analogies, understanding of the text, and word orders in which the word is not appropriate. Both pictorial Tasks may include sequences of images to be completed, as well as recognizing and matching mirror images and meshes of cubes displayed by a cube.

In addition to these examples, there are many more other types of tasks, which are often used. If it is clear in advance that an intelligence test will be used, nervous applicants can and should prepare for it become familiar with different types of tasks. This can be achieved in various ways books in the store who present this. If you are familiar with the tasks, you usually approach the test more relaxed and less nervous, because the type of tasks will not surprise you. In addition, you can test in advance where your own weaknesses lie, which then specially trained it might happen.

There is usually one on the day of the test introduction with examples. He should be here Questions should already appear here cleaned up will. In addition, it should be made clear whether it is a multiple-choice test A wrong answer has the same weight as no answer is happening In that case, if in doubt, you should tick one of the suggested answers during the test instead of choosing one, as there is still a chance that it will be correct.

In the test itself, tasks and assignments should be the most important read carefully and attentively will. You should also be careful not to panic or get stuck on a task. Many intelligence tests are so extensive that impossible Yippee, all the questions in the allotted time reply. Except the arrangement of the question often based on The difficulty level does not increase said. This means that the first questions in a category are not necessarily the easiest and the last are not necessarily the most difficult. Therefore, one should try not to dwell on one question for too long. If the question cannot be resolved, it should fast to the next be exceeded.

Would you like to take an intelligence test as a preparation exercise? Then sign up and take one of the most commonly used test procedures to be sure. Registration for an intelligence test for youth and adults.

Conclusion – intelligence tests in personnel selection

intelligence tests in the selection of employees, if they are good and used correctly, they can be useful for and with the decision-making process objective results enrich. Applicants can prepare for such tests become familiar with common task types, so that we are less nervous and, if necessary, we can prepare for those types in which there are deficits. Before the exam it should all relevant questions resolved will. An attempt should be made during the test keep calm and myself not unnecessarily long on task stop but move forward quickly. In general, one should try as calm and focused as possible take the test to get the best results.

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