Intelligenztest für Kinder in Düsseldorf

Intelligence test for children in Düsseldorf

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Intelligence test for children in Düsseldorf – Many parents of children are not sure about their children’s talent and talents. Some children show their first special traits or characteristics as early as kindergarten or preschool, while others don’t really develop until elementary school. Not all special traits are gifted traits. Only a professional intelligence test can help you correctly assess the cognitive abilities, i.e. the intelligence, of your own child. In our office in Düsseldorf, we offer renowned and professional intelligence testing under the guidance of experts.

child’s performance

Parents have many questions before, during and after enrolling in school efficiency and talent of your child: Will my child get used to the new environment quickly? Will it come in class? Is my child overloaded or under-loaded with school supplies? Is he gifted or less gifted?

Different skill levels

Some parents already recognize it in kindergarten first tendency regarding the child’s abilities. Naturally it is different entry levels of newly enrolled primary school pupils only a conditional indicator of the level of performance and talent of one’s own child. While one child can already count and count, another child can easily remember and retell events and stories, while other children can already write short texts or draw pictures from their imagination. As a result, many parents feel erraticto be able to reliably assess the level of performance or cognitive talent, i.e. intelligence, of your child.

Intelligence test for children in Düsseldorf at the Profiling Institute

Here he can from Intelligence test for children offered by the Profiling Institute in Düsseldorf an important support independent assessment of the level of performance and knowledge be. However, the intelligence test is important it is not the only tool as part of an overall talent diagnosis. A testing procedure such as the WISC V provides a statement about a child’s cognitive level. Parents do not always see their child’s talent right away, they often want to analyze the child’s level of development in a targeted manner in order to support and optimize the child’s overall progress in learning together with the teacher or on their own initiative.

Professional diagnosis of your child’s talent

At our place Dusseldorf testing experienced staff based on one professional talent diagnosis your child’s intelligence. For this, we use as a basis the so-called WISC-V Intelligence Test for Children. This test method, formerly known as the Hamburger Wechsler Intelligence Test for Children HAWKknown, goes back to David Wechsler’s concept of intelligence and has been used in Germany since 1996.

The procedure and structure of an intelligence test for children

In this test a multidimensional intelligence testwill be cognitive skills through your child 15 different test levels and methodologies recorded to describe, for example, giftedness, intellectual disability or cognitive weaknesses and strengths. A detailed description of the applied test can be found on the page “WISC-V Structure and Process”.

The course of the consultation at the institute in Düsseldorf

How exactly does the consultation take place? First, give us a phone AND a brief overview of your themes, for your child’s aptitude or intelligence test. The next step is to arrange one Term for ability diagnosis. The test can morning or afternoon occur. The only important thing is that you the child rested and relaxed come to us that day. The whole meeting lasts about 2 hours. It consists of a preliminary meeting, a self-intelligence test, and a follow-up meeting with feedback and interpretation of the results.

After this Parents, child and counselor get to know each other (this is where the counselor comes into contact with the child) and the intelligence test begins with a description of the next course and an explanation of the procedure. During approx 60-minute test execution in a fear-free and relaxed atmosphere, parents can reduce their waiting time by walking around Düsseldorf or waiting in the office.

After the analysis is complete, the consultant can to announce the first results. O week You will also receive a brief after this meeting evaluation of the written test.

Intelligence test price

In the Düsseldorf location, the cost of the described test implementation is the WISC V test procedure (formerly HAWIK) with evaluation 249.00 euros (including VAT). If your child has it talent available, you will receive one Certificateyou in Dining Room in Germany eV (MinD) apply for your child’s membership there.

You should too later questions or further need for advice you have, we have your back telephone or personal interview in the Düsseldorf location. The costs are 120.00 euros (Including VAT.) for 60 minutes of talk time. If you want to continuously record your child’s developmental level throughout the school years or have siblings tested, we can do this for you discount for each additional consultation offer. Our talent and intelligence test for children in Düsseldorf is suitable for Children from 5 years to 16 years.

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in elderly We put one on items additional talent diagnosticssay a different test procedure.

Don’t hesitate to talk to us. for one Appointment or at Questions you can reach us at the address 0211 9252 9491.

Our Customers they come not only from Düsseldorf, but also the whole state NRW and neighboring states Lower Saxony, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate come to our institution with their children for an intelligence test. Many of our customers come to us in Düsseldorf from Wuppertal, Essen, Cologne, Bonn, Duisburg, Bochum, Bottrop, Münster, Dortmund, Oberhausen and Mülheim.

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