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Increasing digitization of training • Profiling Institute

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Increasing digitization of training

One A study by the German Economic Institute was concerned with using digital teaching and learning methods as part of a corporate training busy and could increasing digitization of training determine. All in all, in representative corporate research in the framework of the project NETWORK Q 4.0 930 surveyed companies that are currently training or in the last five years. The study found that the use of digital teaching and learning methods has been steadily increasing since 2019. That’s them top 3 and the most used digital learning formats:

  1. Interactive digital formats (e.g. webinars or virtual classrooms)
  2. Knowledge libraries
  3. digital learning media (e.g. tutorial videos and podcasts)

The proportion of companies that no digital learning formats at all benefit increased from 15.3% in 2019 10.4% in 2021 return.

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Various advantages of digital educational formats

The coaches interviewed are increasingly recognizing benefits the use of digital educational formats. That’s both didacticas temporal Nature. The first one includes the ability to learn the content in a simple way exemplifytraining as a whole more diverse to propose a Working with digital media in general mediate. Digital learning formats are not limited to one area of ​​competence. Rather, digital educational formats offer both possibilities subject competence, as interdisciplinary and self-competence train. Companies also said they see digital teaching and learning methods as an opportunity coaches (in time) take a rest.

Increasing digitization of training, Increasing digitization of training

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Two-thirds of companies want advice

The survey concluded that roughly two-thirds of businesses (67.4%) are concerned about using digital teaching and learning methods. want more advice. Companies that have not yet used any digital learning formats as part of their training would especially like to see this impulses from outside. This includes the following points:

  • closer contact with the vocational school
  • external support in mentoring people in training
  • Exchange of experience with other companies

However, you can too internal impulses contribute to the digitization of education. In this context, for example, option a Greater digitization of your own business model bring.

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