How will lateral entry as a teacher succeed in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate?

How will lateral entry as a teacher succeed in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate?

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There is currently a shortage of teachers almost everywhere in Germany. This is mainly due to the low number of applicants, i.e. the lack of new teaching students. The result is vacancies in schools, which can mean that students cannot be taught in the best possible way. Many federal states are therefore now relying on career changers or sidekicks. But how does side entry work as a teacher? What are the requirements in the states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate? What should you consider?

lack of teachers in schools

One of them is the lack of teachers a national issue. In 2017, 3,400 teaching posts failed to be filled. The situation in Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia and Saxony is particularly extreme. Almost all federal states have problems. According to forsa survey on the topic of job satisfaction among school principals in comprehensive schools in Germany, commissioned by the Association for Education and Training (VBE). one in three school management states that they are specifically affected by the lack of teachers. Around 10 percent of places are available at such schools. Read more about the forsa survey on job satisfaction among school administrators in this article.

Another reason was and is the lack of teachers Goodbye to many retired teachers. These retired teachers need to be replaced. This requires a large number of young and new teachers who are well trained. However, since there were not enough study places for the teaching profession, there are few such young teachers. Incorrect forecasts and assessments also play a role. The birth rate in Germany did not fall as expected. As a result, there are more children than expected. The refugee crisis also plays a role here, as a result of which many children who still go to school have come to Germany. Generally speaking so there are more children in need of education than expectedwhich entails a higher demand for teachers.

Lack of teachers means that lateral students in about every third school they are. Lateral or lateral entrants are people who without previous teaching qualifications acquired, i.e. they did not study teaching. They should fill gaps that cannot be closed in any other way. This is to ensure the provision of teaching. Career change training and requirements vary from state to state. How to start as a teacher?

Lateral entry as a teacher

To master lateral entry as a teacher, you must different requirements depending on the federal state be fulfilled Generally, side entry only in subjects possible, currently as lack of subject are valid. Lateral entry is therefore only possible in subjects where there are currently not enough teachers. are important in all states good knowledge of Germanteach children the subject. The following are the regulations of the federal states North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate submitted for lateral entry as a teacher. submitted for lateral entry as a teacher. Here you will find an article about Lateral entry as a teacher in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Brandenburghere is an article about Lateral entry as a teacher in Berlin and Bremenhere is an article about Lateral entry as a teacher in Hamburg and Hesse and here is an article about Lateral entry as a teacher in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Lower Saxony.

North Rhine-Westphalia

In North Rhine-Westphalia, lateral entry as a teacher is the rule at all types of schools, with the exception of special schools possible. On Elementary School however, there is a side entrance only in the subjects of music education, art education, physical education and English possible. However, lateral applicants are only accepted if the advertised position cannot be filled by someone who has completed a teaching degree in the relevant field. It basically exists in three waysto become a teacher in North Rhine-Westphalia as a lateral candidate.

Option one is for people who have a University studies with a standard duration of study of at least 7 semesters successfully completed one 2 years of employment after graduation they graduated a to secondary school 1 or 2 want to be set. If these people in the selection process sa positive forecast about trainability in two school subjects those employed in the school service complete one preparatory service, which runs part-time for 2 years. At the end of this service a State exam filed. In this way, side participants gain teaching qualification. Then it is also possible to be hired as a civil servant.

If you do not meet some of the requirements for this track or you want to start in elementary school, you can also come part-time teaching introduction at the relevant Ministry of Education, which lasts for a year. After completing this, bystanders receive one Permission to teach in the subject in which they will be employed, but not a teaching qualification. They will also get permanent employment. Would you like to go this route va elementary School come on, he must have one University or technical university education Properties. IN Secondary 1 one must professional qualification (e.g. master’s degree), technical university or higher education present, present. IN secondary school 2 must be university degree present, present.

Another option for side entry is people sa Higher education open it at one higher professional schools want to teach They finish one A combination of extra-curricular dual study and subsequent extra-curricular preparatory services. The dual course lasts 3 years, the subsequent preparatory service 18 months. It is also at the end of the preparatory service State exam. If this passes, the side participants will receive teaching qualification and civil service is possible.

All information about starting a teaching career in North Rhine-Westphalia can be found on the relevant website of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia here and here.


In Rhineland-Palatinate distinguish between lateral and lateral entry. In a side entry held Employment directly in the service of the school. Here is one further educational training, which must be passed with several exams and lasts 24 months. After a year there is an oral exam, after 18 months there is an assessment by a seminar, school and subject management, and in the last six months there is an exam class and an oral exam in each subject. If this additional training has been successfully completed, a unlimited employment in the school service with the possibility of becoming a civil servant. This way of side entry is currently in general and vocational schools in certain compulsory subjects possible.

In order to follow this path, professional suitability certain requirements be detected. Here are two ways. One option is one University education of a compulsory school subject to demonstrate (college master’s degree, diploma, master’s degree in major or similar) and usually one more second subject prove by intermediate examination, bachelor’s degree, intermediate diploma or something similar. This second teaching subject does not need to be proven for music or art education subjects at gymnasiums or Realschulen plus. The second option is a the first state exam for a teaching position demonstrate, one of the subjects is a the subject of the request must be. If you want to start it in general schools, you must also have a At least 2 years of professional experience in the pedagogical/technical field prove after the state exam or a at least 2 years of raising a child. You can only be admitted to the type of school to which you are entitled after passing the first state exam.

The second option is this Side entry. There is Employment in preparatory service for 24 monthsthe one with second state exam ends This is currently in special schools and vocational schools possible. Until one Special school applicants must be able to enter laterally at a university or comparable college either Diploma in pedagogy/remedial pedagogy with a focus on special education have achieved or Master’s degree in special or remedial or integrative remedial pedagogy or comparable degree. It is also a possibility that State examination for the position of a regular school teacher so that i can prove in connection with higher education (diploma) in the field of social pedagogy. Until one vocational school In order to enter laterally, applicants must have a university degree (Master’s, Master’s in major, Diploma or Master’s with 4 semesters at a technical school) at a local university the subject of the request can prove

You can find all information about changing careers as a teacher in Rhineland-Palatinate here on the corresponding page of the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate.


So the lateral entry as a teacher is successful varies greatly by state. But basically it is depending on current needs federal state. The subjects and types of schools in which career changers are sought can vary widely. Not only from state to state, but also from year to year. That’s why you should to provide accurate information about the subjects and types of schools that are currently needed in the given federal state and what current conditions for side entry. A diploma or master’s degree in a relevant subject or subject is often required. The federal states also differ in the form of training and Support for career changers. Here, too, you should inform yourself about the relevant circumstances informed rather than thinking about changing the teaching profession.

More information on lateral entry as a teacher can be found on the federal website linked above.

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