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How to deal with it?

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We come across swear words again and again in our daily life, and even we ourselves usually cannot get rid of one of these words in some situations. Swearing in children is, however, often a difficult and unpleasant topic for parents. However, it is usually inevitable that children will take these words and also use or say them. Why do children use these words? What can parents do? How do you deal with the topic of swearing in children?

Why do children use these words?

As already written, we often come across swear words in daily. You can cause it yourself, for example, when a plate is dropped, among friends and family, on the street, on the train, in kindergarten, at school or, or, or. Even children are inevitably exposed to these words and expressions in kindergarten or school at the latest and adopt them. So there are lots of ways kids can learn swear words.

Swearing in children is especially important to the adults around them delicate matter. It can explain why children use these words and expressions various reasons have. Especially the smaller children who still go to kindergarten often do not understand the meaning from words that scream at the top of their lungs. You care more about them adult response, which they evoke by shouting words around the apartment, often especially loudly and repeatedly. Because swearing in children usually provokes a reaction in adults that can range from horror to indignation, anger, dismay, to amusement. So, by swearing, children get adults to respond to them, which children in turn do exciting find because they are curious about the reaction they are likely to get. You will discover more aspect of language and what they can run and target while testing limits out. Besides, usually too Attention adults simply by honking a word out loud.

Another reason kids use swear words is the same reason adults might use them too. swear words and the like strong wordswhich can help with a strong emotion such as anger or rage give expression and let the other person know unmistakably how upset you are. Children in particular often still have them no other adequate optionsexpress their feelings and therefore resort to these expressions in affect to relieve their inner tension.

what can you do

Swearing between children is therefore not uncommon and there are a number of reasons why it is used. But how can you behave as a parent? Below are some tips and tricks to deal with swearing in children, which can be helpful. However, these are it is not ultimate or universal to look, but intended only one knowledge Offer. How parents and children deal with this issue must be viewed and implemented individually, depending on the situation, nature, etc.

Consider yourself a role model

First, parents should ask themselves and her own behavior watches. How do you deal with swearing yourself and how often do you get away with it? In stressful situations or in situations where a person is angry, even adults can quickly blurt out something they may not have intended. And children usually don’t miss that. On the contrary, they can look at the behavior of their parents look and copy it. Therefore, parents should try as a first step pay more attention to your behavior and avoid swearing if possible. So they can act as role models.

Immediate response

Depending on why and in what situation children use words, as well as what expressions are used, parents’ responses to children’s swearing can and should different protrude. Especially with younger children who are just yelling harmless expletives to test their response, it can be helpful to understand the behavior he didn’t pay much attention and rather ignore it. This means that parents should not be shocked, angry or amused, but should remain calm and not show any particular reaction. If parents do not respond as expected, the use of words and expressions will accelerate boring for child.

In other situations, such as using harsher swear words or using them in a way that hurts another person, you should intervene. This often makes sense here conversation with the child respectively. It is possible to find out how well the child knows the word and whether he knows what it means. Children often do not know what these words mean, and therefore do not know that they can find them discriminatory, derogatory and very offensive. Therefore, parents should give to children explain what these words mean and why it can be very painful for some peoplewhen these are used. Here parents can also act after the interview consistently ban these types of words and not tolerate.

If a child uses swear words to express anger or other negative feelings, it can also be helpful for parents to use swear words Name the children’s feelings. This can help the child to express his feelings in a different way, so that he may no longer need to scold.

find alternatives

It can also help with swearing in children together alternate words for expletives find. These words can be used in an “emergency” when someone in the family feels the need to swear. Thinking about and defining these words together can be fun and take some of the pressure off parents can have.

Set up checkout

Like the previous option, this idea is focused on a family solution that applies to all family members. One can Curse box be set up into which anyone who used a swear word would pay a small fixed sum. This will also make everyone realize how often they really use swear words.

Set a fixed time

As a kind of paradoxical action, this can be useful set a time to vent anger and use swear words establish. For example, it can be 5 minutes once a week or more or less often, in which all family members can express their anger, frustration, etc. and use swear words. This can be good for some children and help them sort themselves out better.


Swearing in children is not unusual and especially not something that parents should worry about. Younger children especially want to use the words they pick up to try out which ones they are reaction they can cause and where limits they are. Curses can also be used express negative feelings, because children don’t yet know how to do it otherwise. However, if the words are actively intended to offend or harm, you should intervene at the latest. While more harmless swear words ignored they can and should not attract a lot of attention, harsher or discriminatory expressions discussed and explained their meaning. Even those in the back Children’s feelings should be addressed and verbalized willexpress them in a different way. Also family solutions, such as alternative words, case or fixed tenses can be useful. In any case, parents should also address their own use of swearing in order to act as a role model.

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