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How good are universities in Germany?

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How good are universities in Germany?

Latest edition U-Multirank 2022 met with The quality of German universities in a global comparison employed. Participants 106 universities and technical colleges were with regard to five dimensions investigated, which give an answer to the question: How good are universities in Germany? These are the dimensions investigated:

  1. study and teaching
  2. research
  3. imparting knowledge
  4. International orientation
  5. Regional commitment

How good are universities in Germany? study and teaching?

Indicators for dimension study and teaching state for German universities rather below average results out. and rate university graduates who completed their bachelor’s or master’s studies in Normal period is declining in international comparison small amount out. The same goes for Degree rates in undergraduate courses. Something more positive the results fall behind Completion rate of master’s degree programs and balanced distribution of gender ratios students.

How good are universities in Germany within research?

In almost all indicators of the dimension research close German universities above average away. and citation is in most universities above average as well as share publish documents. Also 72% of participating universities above average in third party fundraising for research.

How good are universities in Germany in this sector imparting knowledge?

Within a dimension knowledge transfers German universities can be proven to have strengths and weaknesses in individual indicators. While 84.6% of universities are above average Joint publications with authors from the business world are and also rate on publications cited in patents from universities above average are, the results fall on granting own patents like Worse income and further education out.

How good are universities in Germany in terms of international orientation?

The dimension in which German universities perform best is dimension Iundernational orientation. Until pointer foreign language bachelor study programs prevail in above average results in all surveyed dimensions. German universities stand out in global comparisons excellent student mobilityand large proportion of international scientists, joint international research work like international PhD and foreign language master’s courses out.

How good are universities in Germany in their regional involvement?

Similar to the knowledge transfer dimension, it also exists in the dimension Regional commitment strengths and weaknesses. TO Strengthen belongs Supplying own region with university graduates (graduates of master’s and bachelor’s studies). However, the results in terms of regional joint publication in 44% Below the average and in relation to student internships even with a share of 47.8% Below the average.

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