How does a lateral entry as a teacher in Hamburg and Hesse succeed?

How does a lateral entry as a teacher in Hamburg and Hesse succeed?

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There is currently a shortage of teachers almost everywhere in Germany. This is mainly due to the low number of applicants, i.e. the lack of new teaching students. The result is vacancies in schools, which can mean that students cannot be taught in the best possible way. Many federal states are therefore now relying on career changers or sidekicks. But how does side entry work as a teacher? What are the requirements in the federal states of Hamburg and Hesse? What should you consider?

lack of teachers in schools

One of them is the lack of teachers a national issue. In 2017, 3,400 teaching posts failed to be filled. The situation in Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia and Saxony is particularly extreme. Almost all federal states have problems. According to forsa survey on the topic of job satisfaction among school principals in comprehensive schools in Germany, commissioned by the Association for Education and Training (VBE). every third school board on, specifically affected by a shortage of teachers be. Around 10 percent of places are available at such schools. Read more about the forsa survey on job satisfaction among school administrators in this article.

Another reason was and is the lack of teachers Goodbye to many retired teachers. These retired teachers need to be replaced. This requires a large number of young and new teachers who are well trained. However, because there were not enough study places for the teaching profession, there are not enough such young teachers. Also bad forecasts and estimates play a role. The birth rate in Germany did not fall as expected. As a result, there are more children than expected. The refugee crisis also plays a role here, as a result of which many children who still go to school have come to Germany. Generally speaking so there are more children in need of education than expectedwhich entails a higher demand for teachers.

Lack of teachers means that lateral students in about every third school they are. Lateral or lateral entrants are people who without previous teaching qualifications to have, i.e. he did not study teaching. They should fill gaps that cannot be closed in any other way. This is to ensure the provision of teaching. Career change training and requirements vary from state to state. How to start as a teacher?

Lateral entry as a teacher

Different requirements must be met depending on the federal state to master lateral entry as a teacher. Generally, side entry only possible in subjects that are currently considered a deficient subject. Lateral entry is therefore only possible in subjects where there are currently not enough teachers. are important in all states good knowledge of Germanteach children the subject. The following are the regulations of the federal states Hamburg and Hesse submitted for lateral entry as a teacher. Here you can find an article about lateral entry as a teacher in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Brandenburg and Here is an article about changing careers as a teacher in Berlin and Bremen.


In Hamburg, a lateral entry as a teacher is currently on the agenda general education schools or higher level gymnasium possible. Generally there is again and again option in physics or computer science in enter the teaching profession at grammar schools. Currently is needed in the area Theatre/Acting. You can find out about the current demand on the website of Hamburg. Settings are made in preparatory service.

Now for those requirements for a lateral entry as a teacher in Hamburg. Basically a university degree (Master’s or Diploma) in the relevant area, in which it is paid, necessary. They must too a second subject can be derived from the course.

Furthermore, it is necessary previous professional experience in the studied field accumulated after graduation. In addition, they must also already Pedagogical experience gained through teaching were in front of a possible side entrance.

If the formal requirements are met, you can proceed to a personal interview be invited in which pedagogical competence verified will be.

You can find all the information about changing your teaching career in Hamburg here in the corresponding document of the Hamburg Office for Schools and Vocational Education.


Lateral entry as a teacher is planned in Hesse vocational schools, middle and high schools and gymnasiums possible. What subjects than missing items a new decision applies every six months, so it is necessary inform about it in advance. Settings are made in preparatory service, at the end of which there is a second state exam. If this passes, you can register for classes in the usual way.

The prerequisite for lateral entry as a teacher in Hesse is to have a higher education in one of the deficient subjects have (at least 8 semesters of study and a master’s degree, diploma, etc.), at least a satisfactory degree It has. In addition, there must be study and exam results the second object can be inferred and also recognized be able.

Those who meet the formal requirements become one Qualification exam invited. If you have successfully completed this, you can be hired for the preparatory service.

Those who do not meet the formal requirements may apply Have previous study results and exam results counted towards the teaching qualification.

You can find all the information about changing your teacher’s career in Hesse here on the corresponding page of the state of Hesse.


So the lateral entry as a teacher is successful varies greatly by state. But basically it is depending on current needs federal state. The subjects and types of schools in which career changers are sought can vary widely. Not only from state to state, but also from year to year. That’s why you should to provide accurate information about the subjects and types of schools that are currently needed in the given federal state and what are the current lateral entry requirements. Often a Diploma or Master’s degree in the corresponding subject or in the corresponding subject. The federal states differ in this as well A form of training and support for career changes. Here again, you should be informed of the relevant circumstances before considering lateral entry as a teacher.

More information on lateral entry as a teacher can be found on the federal website linked above.

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