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The job profile of a sales manager is varied and exciting. How do you become a sales manager? What are the options?

Work profile

Before we get to the question “How to become a Sales Manager? “, we get to the business manager job profile first. As the name suggests, business managers deal primarily with Sale of goods and/or services employed. It can be either private customers or business or company customers, i.e. B2C (business to customer) or B2B (business to business).

All tasks related to sales and distribution are entrusted to the sales manager. you can im indoor and outdoor service sell and take care of the relevant goods Contact to customers and tie these to the company, gain new customers Sales strategy and goals on the basis of current market developments and customer requirements, implement them a check/check their compliance and success.

Business managers often have it too a leading position in the sales department they are responsible for a team that they must motivate and with whom they must achieve targeted or prescribed sales figures or increase revenue.

The workplace is largely to blame office. But there are also many in the ministry Visits to customers and fairs on. to become a sales manager employed in all industries that offer and sell any kind of goods. So there is a job profile in very different industries, such as technical fields or pharmaceutical or marketing fields.

Because sales management is about you Sales and turnover data goes, or that the team, and the market is constantly evolving, can work demanding and fast moving to be, but also with it exciting and changeable.

The tasks and activities of a sales manager are diverse. But how does one become a sales manager?

How do you become a sales manager?

You should bring it with you

If you ask the question “How do you become a business manager?” ”, you should first look at the personal requirements that a sales manager should have. This is especially important in the work of a sales manager sales talent and distinct self-confidencelike the power of persuasion and seriousness to bring with you in order to successfully sell the offered goods to customers. They are also very good in this regard communication skills as knowledge of foreign languages Important. Also good knowledge of human nature it needs to be taken along to assess again and again what the customers’ wants are or could be.

In addition to these social skills, he should also be good analytical and strategic skills be brought in to analyze market developments as well as plan and implement sales processes and sales data.

That being said, the work can be demanding and fast-paced. That’s why he’s good stress resistance and endurance important as well as good frustration tolerance.

Training route

The answer to the question “How does one become a sales manager?” ” To finally answer, what training path you need to choose for this will now be examined. However, there is no such thing as a single training path. Rather, there is one number of options to become a sales manager.

One option is one business studies. For this, you usually need a general or subject-specific entry qualification for university, i.e. Abitur or Fachabitur. The course teaches important business skills and abilities required as a business manager.

But also one Studying marketing or communication science may qualify as a sales manager. Here, too, one can learn many things that are important in the profession.

In some industries, it is also preferred to employ people in the position of business managers who have more than deep expertise in the relevant field and ideally already in this field he worked have so that the goods can be optimally sold. This is mostly in technical fields (engineers) and medical/pharmaceutical sector (doctors) housing. Preference is given to people who have completed the relevant education and, ideally, have already gained professional experience.

However, a university degree is not an absolutely necessary criterion to become a business manager. Even with one commercial training, preferably already in the business-technical field, you can become a business manager. Above all, relevant further education also support work experience.


You ask yourself: “How do you become a sales manager? ”, so you must know that the way to the Sales Manager different may be. So a person can with a completed university education in the field Business Administration, Marketing or Communication Sciences get into the profession. But also with specific degree, for example as an engineer or a doctor, you have very good chances in some industries, because expertise is required to sell goods well. However, university education is not a mandatory requirement. Also one commercial education can with further education and work experience lead to the position of business manager. The profession itself is universal and changeablebut also demanding and fast moving. Apart from the good Sales skills, self-confidence, communication skills and other social skills strategic and analytical required skills. No less important are high Resilience, stress resistance and frustration tolerance.

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