How do you become a forester?: Job description, requirements and more

How do you become a forester?: Job description, requirements and more

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The job profile of a forester is familiar and old. There is a lot of man in nature and he bears responsibility for it. But how does one become a forester? What skills should one have? What are the options?

Work profile

Before answering the question “How does one become a forester?” “, we first come to the description of the forester’s work. are forest managers or district forest managers responsible for the management and care of one or more forest areas as well as the animals living in them. This is associated with complex and extensive tasks. So foresters must walk through a wooded area and check if everything is ok. This can be done on foot or by car depending on the size of the area. During this inspection, it is checked whether the trees are not diseased, which are ready for harvesting and whether it is necessary to transplant them. Those trees please they should then be marked with a sprayer regardless of the reason (tree harvest or disease). In addition, other trees must also be marked, which should be used to orient workers with large forest machines. This workers they are used by forest guards reserved and assigned the location of felled trees, the purpose for which they are felled and how they are to be sorted. Felling is also controlled and accompanied by forest guards.

Also after storms Such inspections are important for gaining an overview of the situation. The foresters then coordinate the cleaning work and possibly unblock places that could be dangerous for people. Furthermore, one of the tasks of the forest rangers is the maintenance of forest roads and possible pastures and excursion sites.

But also animals from the forest belongs to the area of ​​responsibility of foresters. They are committed not only to the protection of the environment, but also to biodiversity. In addition, the forest guards also determine how many game of which species hunters they can or should shoot in their forest area. Most foresters also have a hunting license themselves, but they do not necessarily accompany the hunt.

Another area of ​​responsibility of the forest rangers is knowledge transfer to the younger and older generations. Sometimes they offer guided tours of their forest area to school classes or seniors. This should also serve to improve awareness of environmental protection.

In addition to activities in nature, there are clerical activities to the profession. All processes related to wood must be coordinated and possibly its sale, even if it is part of the relevant area of ​​responsibility. Part of the job is also writing invoices and calculating prices. In addition, contact is maintained with hunters and owners of forest areas, and demands or requirements raised by, for example, the state and the municipality are addressed.

This is also important to know on-call services can get in the way, for example, if you are employed by a state forestry company. If an animal accident happens in the forest area during such duty at night, the foresters must take care of it. If the animal cannot be saved, the forester will either shoot it himself or contact the hunters if you do not have a hunting license yourself.

Foresters can too take care of private forest owners or as Employee of state forest enterprises to be active.

The tasks and activities of a forest ranger are diverse. But how does one become a forester?

How do you become a forester?

You should bring it with you

If you ask the question “How do you become a forester?” ”, you should first look at the personal requirements that a forester should have. Since the profession is so diverse, a wide range of knowledge is also necessary. Basically, you should get a good one before you start training scientific understanding take away, just like a good one understanding technology. Besides, one should also be good organize be able, flexible and resistant be nice communicate can and sure economic thinking skills with me.

Training route

To the question “How does one become a forester?” To finally answer, what training path exists to achieve this goal will now be explored. To become a forester, you usually have to Entrance qualification for general higher education (Abitur) bring one because it is necessary University studies graduate in order to be able to practice this profession. This course is usually quite complex as knowledge is imparted in many different areas. Currently, some universities and some technical colleges offer courses in the forestry sector. That bachelor’s degree it usually takes 6 semesters, i.e. 3 years. Then you have one more option Master’s degree to do in this area.

However, graduates may not directly become district foresters after their bachelor’s degree. Depending on the federal state, they must first have it annual candidate service to pass, which is intended to prepare for employment and ends with a career test, or a two-year trainee program complete for the same purpose. If this has been successfully completed, candidates can District forester in higher forest service to be active.

Conclusion – How does one become a forester?

You ask yourself: “How do you become a forester? ”, so you have to know that it is oa University studies is possible which covers many different topics because the profession is a more complicated and more colorful. Three years old bachelor’s degree then either one year depending on the federal state candidate service at the age of two trainee program. Then you are eligible District forester in higher forest service to be active. There is also the possibility of one more Master’s degree close. If you want to become a forester, you should have scientific and economic knowledge as well as knowledge of technology. You should also be flexible and resilient. You should also have some organizational talent as well as the ability to communicate well. The work of a forester is varied, you spend a lot of time outdoors in nature, although office work is also necessary.

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