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Today, more employees are working from home than ever before. The idea of ​​having to do work from home without having to leave the house seems appealing to many at first. However, over time, problems can arise in the home office. Which ones are they? And above all, how can you control them? What tips are there?

Possible problems

One of the challenges in a home office is your own organization of time. This is the central factor. Without fixed times in the office, it is difficult for many to create and maintain a regular work rhythm. It can happen that employees work almost all day or go to the other extreme and do not have enough work. Even that can change with the theme attainability to reflect It’s not uncommon for people working from home to try to be available 24 hours a day, whether it’s early in the morning or late at night.

To make matters worse, I own more while working distraction exist. Whether it’s children, friends or partner who keep wanting something or just doing noisy activities in the same room, or whether it’s household, shopping or something similar that is “quickly” tucked away and taken care of, everything can be distraction. For many it is difficult Distinguish between working time and leisure timewhich increasingly blurs the lines between the two.

All these home office challenges can quickly destroy the beautiful idea of ​​this. The situation can become stressful over time. But how can you manage the challenges of working from home?


One of the challenges in the home office is Minimize distractions and interruptions. Also the theme structuring and delineation because free time is a problem. One way to deal with these things is permanent employment to establish what is actually being worked on. In the best case, this space is in a separate room that is used only for work. If this is not possible, a permanent workplace can be set up in another room, in which other persons living in the house are (often) not present during working hours.

By separating the workplace and other living spaces, the boundary between work and free time can be easier for the person working in the home office, but also for others living in the household. persons. So it is clear that the person in question does not want to be disturbed when he is at work.

Regarding Equipment everything necessary for work should be available. This applies to electrical devices such as computers, mice, keyboards, headphones and the like, but also to things such as paper, pens, etc. The decoration should be attractive, but not too much, because it should focus on the work. However, some plants could help create a pleasant atmosphere.

Create a routine and set fixed times

In order to handle the challenges of working from home, it is still important to have routine Develop. This also includes mental go to work. This means that working hours should actually be filled with work and thoughts about this and not “just” emptying the dishwasher. If you also go to work mentally, it means that your mind is also on the topic of work.

It is especially important for yourself fixed working hours give. It is easiest to choose working hours that are also arranged in the office/on site. If you usually work from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, you should aim for that in your home office as well. During this time, only work should really be done and you should avoid major distractions. But you should also take regular breaks, for example to eat something and clear your head.

Establishment of a basic working hours has advantage for the relevant person, that it is clearly defined when work takes place and when free time. But it also has advantages for colleagues and other people in life, because they know exactly when the person is professionally available and when they have free time. But this also means that the work actually ends at the set time. This also means that you can no longer be reached professionally.

If you share your working hours with colleagues and customers in a professional context, but also with family/friends/acquaintances, everyone can adapt and act accordingly. That’s how he can do it The border between work and free time it is easier to pull out and the areas blend less.

do work

Working and achieving goals can be a challenge even in a home office. Some people may have difficulty organizing work from home or what goals to achieve and when. This is where having a meeting at the beginning of the week can be helpful plan do what is due and when. They should To-do lists also after preference be organized

In order to reliably set priorities and also ensure that your own work is meaningful to the employer and its processes, you should Objectives also agree with him. This makes it clear what needs to be done when and what is being worked on. In addition, it is also transparent why you turned to which tasks and when.

maintain contacts

loneliness it can also be one of the challenges in the home office. To prevent this, but also to remain present in the workplace and among colleagues, regular meetings agree with colleagues and the employer. These can take place in person or over the phone. For example, exchanging ideas with colleagues once a week can be useful.

It can also help against loneliness if the workplace is in front of you public place, such as a coffee shop, will relocate. This is currently not possible, but otherwise a good way to meet people.


While the idea of ​​working from home is nice and appealing, working from home can also have problems. these can multi-layered and also go beyond the challenges discussed here. Some of the problems can be overcome with the tips presented. However, the tips are not final or universal. Different things work for everyone and therefore one is different to try should.

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