Here is Göttingen at its most beautiful... Follower Edition – BLUG

Here is Göttingen at its most beautiful… Follower Edition – BLUG

With a view of the cherry blossoms, there could hardly be a nicer place on campus to enjoy a moment between university events. And also offers without a face-to-face course meadow in front of SUB a central but quiet place for the first rays of the sun.

What is still gray in gray here becomes a bright center of commotion in spring and summer: Albani church wall offers good opportunities to meet for a beer after work in the early evening. If it gets too crowded…

… it can at least be in the neighbors Cheltenham Park avoid.

Even without the smell of beer and summer concerts, the inner courtyard between Roter and Barfüsserstrasse has a nostalgic atmosphere…

… under the fairy lights and the relaxed music you provided, countless hospitable evenings were spent here, which will hopefully be possible to experience again in the summer with social distancing regulations.

When time is less limited and wanderlust is high, a trip to Nature park in a bend always a nice Sunday event…

… and one or another resident of the forest is also happy to visit.

You liked it too theater street in the heart that leads to the city center. With its old building architecture and small shops, it has the same charm as…

…the Stegemühlenweg in the southern city. Although it’s a bit quiet here: the colorful facades of the houses warm the heart of the old building.

of will is rather an all-time classic among Göttingen’s hotspots. Although he looks pretty grim in winter and during lockdown, his time will soon come again!

That Physics at North Campus he’s got his own pond of greens, so we’re quite the envy of us down here in town…

… because we would also like to spend our lunch break here! (Maybe it’s better if it’s a little warmer and greener)

They are beautiful for enjoying the sun, absolute horror for training sprints. on Tartan track stone steps at university sports

… but you can also have a great time other people watch them play sports (don’t forget a snack).

And last but not least: At the end of every good evening or between long teaching sessions at LSG, the necessary energy supplier must also be found. Tip on the so-called “kebab mile”: Special fries. However, we will not reveal where they taste best.

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