He studied cyber security at the BND

He studied cyber security at the BND

Effective protection mechanisms against cyber-attacks are becoming more and more relevant, especially in the age of digitization. The larger the partner networks and their value chains, the more likely they are to be exposed to cyber threats. For more than 60 years, the BND has contributed to the security of the Federal Republic of Germany to effectively counter such attacks. If you are interested in studying “Cyber ​​Security”, here you can find out what course content awaits you in the “Cyber ​​Security” course at BND. © Gorodenkoff for stock.adobe.com

He studied cyber security at the BND

If you are interested in studying with a focus on “cyber security”, the BND offers you an individual and exciting course at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich (Neubiberg). Entrance qualification to a (technical) university is a basic requirement for starting studies at BND. In addition to your academic results, you should above all have good basic knowledge and a keen interest in modern IT and have German citizenship.

Course content: Study of cyber security at BND

BND offers the possibility to take the “Cyber ​​Security” course as a bachelor’s and master’s degree. The subject content of the foundation course (Bachelor) covers areas such as computer science, management, mathematics, law and data protection. During your basic studies, you have the option to focus on “Cyber ​​Security”. The aim of the course is to provide you with knowledge of information security and IT forensic techniques for the purpose of preventive security of IT systems and the fastest possible identification and localization of cyber attacks. As a graduate, you also have the opportunity to work in information technology or technical research.

If you already have a degree in mathematics, information technology, electrical engineering or business informatics, BND the possibility of further education. Here you can deepen the knowledge you have already acquired with a master’s degree in areas such as cryptology, network, system, application and hardware security, IT security and management, data protection, enterprise security, public safety or security intelligence. The training is a dual study, which consists of the professional theoretical parts of the study aa
Practical semester in the Federal Intelligence Service. During your studies, you will be under intense supervision and study with your classmates in small groups. The course usually lasts for 7 trimesters (21 months).

As a prospective student, you should bring with you:

  • good knowledge of written and spoken English
  • Expertise in mathematical methods and computer science
  • excellent communication and team skills
  • high willingness to acquire the necessary skills
  • sense of responsibility
  • German nationality

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