HAM-Nat as an alternative to the medical test • Profiling Institute

HAM-Nat as an alternative to the medical test • Profiling Institute

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The medical course is very popular but places are limited and therefore highly competitive. That is why there are selection procedures that help decide who gets a place at the university, not only from New regulations for the allocation of study places in medicine. One option is HAM-Nat as an alternative to a medical test. what exactly is that? How do you need to know?

General information about HAM-Nat

In order to present the HAM-Nat as an alternative to a medical test, general information about this test is first presented. of Hamburg Science Test (abbreviated: HAM-Nat) Yippee free academic aptitude test, which is used in some universities in Germany in the field of medicine. The TMS (or medical test) is also such a medical aptitude test. You can learn more about the medical test and its composition here. However, unlike a medical test, the HAM-Nat is a pure knowledge test.

HAM-Nat asks as an alternative to a medical test Mathematical and scientific knowledge at Abitur level away. It was developed at the University Hospital Hamburg Eppendorf in 2008 and is coming from the winter semester 2008/2009 for use. It is currently on Universität Hamburg, Charité Berlin and Universität Magdeburg in the university selection process (AdH) for the course medicine deployed. It is also part of the course at the University of Hamburg and Charité Berlin dentistry for use. Study places in the relevant subjects are awarded at these universities according to the average level of the university entrance qualification (i.e. Abitur average) and the HAM-Nats result.

The test takes place at all three universities simultaneously in August instead of. In addition, test for Charity Berlin also medium February take, because you can start studying here even in the summer semester.

Another difference from the medical test is that the HAM-Nat can be written any number of times. But it has a catch, because you cannot register for HAM-Nat, but can only be invited to it shortly before the testn can happen.

Entrance fee to HAM-Nat

As mentioned, with HAM-Nat as an alternative to a medical test, you can invited must happen. it happens by the respective university shortly before the examination. So the invitation comes just a few days before the test, and that’s via pen By email. The one who decides is invited criteria Meets. One criterion is that corresponding university given as preferred location 1 became. You must decide in advance where you would like to take the HAM-Nat, and therefore also where you would like to study. Another relevant criterion is high school level. How long universities invite applicants varies from year to year. in The following limits applied in the winter semester 2018/2019 for Abitur degrees:

  • Charité Berlin: 1.5 (or 1.9 in dentistry)
  • University of Hamburg: 1.8
  • University of Magdeburg: 1.7

This section is then also that The starting point for the evaluation of the point system, who will later decide who will eventually get a place on the course. What exactly the point systems look like is included slightly different at each university. You can learn more about it on the respective websites. In general, at all three universities it is true that Abitur degree assigned to a specific degree equivalent in points is happening This score is the starting point. In which HAM-Nat can then add more points will be taken. These points are then added to the points from the Abitur degree. This Total score then decide who gets a place and who doesn’t by adding a ranking is created. The best ones then get a place at university. in Hamburg In addition, participants will get another chance just missed first place have. You’re taking another test HAM int invited and can still get a place at the university.


How HAM-Nat works as an alternative to a medical test will now be presented. Generally, the test consists of approx. 80 tasks with a choice of multiple options from areas mathematics, chemistry, biology and physicsin 120 minutes must be answered. Knowledge of the subjects listed at the Abitur level is questioned. Each question has five possible answers, of which only one is correct. This must be ticked and notes or calculation methods are not taken into account. Also allowed no tools be used. No pocket calculator or form may be used.

Although the test itself lasts only 120 minutes, the test day starts at 9 am and ends at 1:30 pm. This time includes receiving, greeting and handing over documents.


Since HAM-Nat is purely a knowledge test as an alternative to a medical test, you can prepare and practice well for it. For this you should look at Current subject catalogs for the test on the websites of the University of Hamburg and the University of Magdeburg look at. So you already know which topics will be asked about. Charité does not have its own list of topics on its website, but links to the Hamburg University list.

It is also on the website Self-tests at the universities of Magdeburg and Hamburg. These should give a first impression of what can be searched for in HAM-Nat.

He can too study groups and also Tutoring be useful for effective preparation. Besides, they exist now preparatory courses, which are intended to be prepared specifically for HAM-Nat. However, there are also costs associated with this. Going further, there are also different ones bookswhich will help you prepare for this test.


HAM-Nat as an alternative to a medical test is therefore a knowledge test, in AdH for medical courses at the universities of Hamburg and Magdeburg and Charité Berlin is used. Knowledge of mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry at the Abitur level is questioned. The test includes approx. 80 multiple choice questionsin 120 minutes without tools must be answered. Applicants who have relevant Location as the first location requirement they stated and the one specific high school average be able to show Anyone who ends up getting a place on the course will use a scoring system decided and invitations become a test only a few days before the test day by mail sent. The test finds mid August takes place, also in Berlin in mid-February. Since this is purely a knowledge test, you can rely on it prepare well. and current subject catalogs can be viewed online. Stand there too self tests for disposal. can go further Study groups, tutoring, targeted preparation courses or books preparation support.

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