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Training to become a psychotherapist has been in the process of change and reform for some time. It seems to be happening now, and The bill is due to enter into force on September 1, 2020 and replace the previous law. Then psychotherapy training should become a course. What exactly should change? How does the training go then? Are there transitional regulations?

Previous psychotherapy training

Before discussing the new draft law, it will first be shown how psychotherapy training has been conducted so far. In principle, the training takes place in such a way that initially a studies is completed and completed (usually on master level) and then specific education connects. The problem with this training, however, is that no claim to reward there is a He covered the costs of the theoretical training himself It needs to happen. During their internship, interns are often employed as interns, and some receive little or no pay. First After this training you will be licensed to become a psychotherapist.

Currently, it is distinguished psychological psychotherapists and Child and adolescent psychotherapists. On the one hand, they differ in which age group patients they (may) care for. Child and adolescent psychotherapists can only treat patients under the age of 21, while psychological psychotherapists are generally responsible for adults.

Another important difference between these two types of psychotherapists is their entry requirements for training. For example, people who have completed training to psychological psychotherapist I want to graduate, and Diploma or Master’s Degree in Psychology show. For training until Child and youth psychotherapist is this also a possibility however, it will also be accessed here A diploma or, in principle, a bachelor’s degree in the field of pedagogy, social education or social work recognized as a requirement. However, in reality, applicants in these departments need also a master’s degree in the relevant subject (education, social education, social work). Given that the current law is focused on the system of diploma courses and not on the variety of courses from Bologna reformbut it can Master’s degrees in these fields that are recognized vary by federal state and thereby qualify for training.

New law

At the end of September, the Bundestag approved the reform of psychotherapy training. The new law is expected will enter into force on September 1, 2020. This stipulates that in future training will be conducted through a own course should run and then there is a kind of professional training. So the structures are similar to others academic healing professions oriented. The designation of the profession should in the future psychotherapist are that doctors could use the suffix “medical”.

Specifically, the training path should look like this: First, in total 5-year approval course psychotherapy in college, which consists of 3-year bachelor’s and 2-year master’s studies composed. It is likely that many previous psychology departments would in the future offer polyvalent bachelor’s courses, which would allow access to the corresponding master’s fields of psychotherapy, but also to other master’s fields of psychology. They are already in the 5-year course practical tasks intended. He is at the end of his master’s program psychotherapy exam. If this is successful and all other requirements are met, then the test takes place Psychotherapist endorsement after graduation.

The studies are followed by a 5-year Continuing educationin which Specialization in children, youth or adults, as well as in a form of psychotherapy is watching This continuing education should be based on state law and take place in inpatient and outpatient facilities. Psychotherapists in training should During inpatient retraining paid according to the tariff will. during outpatient training must at least 40 percent of the remuneration paid from statutory health insurance get paid In addition, he would have to pay for the theoretical content of further education himself. At the end of this further education, there are graduates Specialized psychotherapistsbecome ins medical record registered and may be admitted to Contract medical or panel medical care ask for.

The new law also provides a transitional period for those who started studying psychology, pedagogy, social pedagogy or social work or equivalent training under current law before 1 September 2020. Accordingly, these people can until 09/01/2032 to complete and undergo training according to the currently valid law. If the training is completed by this date at the latest, the corresponding consent will be granted according to the currently valid law.

Here you can find the bill on the reform of psychotherapy training:

Bill to reform the training of psychotherapists

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