From university to first job: How can I successfully apply?

From university to first job: How can I successfully apply?

Entering professional life is not easy. But there are useful tips (Image: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio).

The title is in the bag and now to the professional world! Most people feel that things don’t go so smoothly when they write their first application. In this post, the Career Services Center explains (CSC) university that you can consider to ease your entry into the professional world.

With the first application in preparation, many questions suddenly arise: What should I mention? Have I lost my dream job with two failing grades, or should I still try my luck? How do I highlight my interests? Should I also add my voluntary commitment or is it doubtful?

Applying for a job requires a lot of preparation: This means, for example: tailoring your resume to a potential employer. That’s right, CV: Every time you have to rewrite not only your motivation letter, but also your CV. But why if I always did the same thing?

Resume as business card

Most people have a resume that they write once and use again and again when customizing their cover letter for the industry. However, initial selection in the application process is often based on CV. It is therefore all the more important to highlight the key points in your CV as to why you would be the right fit for this particular position.

Although the bottom line is always the same: Depending on the industry or company, you can emphasize one or the other – be it a special seminar, language course or customer experience. It is better to list everything than to leave out something important because it might be “inappropriate”.

In order to be remembered by your potential employer, you should also send an individually designed CV. Employers are already familiar with common templates. Instead, they should see that you are making an effort and are willing to invest time in the application.

How can the Career Center help me?

Many do not even know about the Career Center (CSC). It offers a wide range of free support for students at the University of Basel. Resume checks, workshops, time windows or career counseling are just some of their offers.

Ideally, you should start thinking about the career you want to pursue early in your studies. On the one hand, you can use the university’s many offers to develop yourself. On the other hand, you get to know your interests. CSC will then help highlight what you can already show in your application and support you in filling any gaps with expertise. Did you know, for example, that you can have your volunteer work certified?

Pack your backpack on time

After completing your studies, you usually need documents for the application right away. Only then will many people realize that maybe a language course would be good or that you are not sure if banking is the ideal place for you to work.

These gaps can be avoided if you start thinking about where to go early. Then you can gain experience and discover yourself and your strengths. Maybe you want to work in the business world or in research. The university offers many opportunities to get to know different sectors: from the language center to seminars that you can take outside the faculty. Combine the holidays with one or two internships or do an internship to get a taste of the job. Take a course in project management or rather ethnology, participate in a summer school program and much more.

Try everything that interests you – then you will have plenty of opportunities to think about a career change or brush up on your resume during your studies.

I’m doing something wrong?

No, you can’t go wrong if you do something. Doing nothing is a big mistake. But it doesn’t matter whether you have a part-time job as a dog walker or work as a student intern, do voluntary work or are active in student associations such as AISEC, ELSA, skuba or FG – everything is an enrichment for you. your own business card. The more you try, the sooner you will be able to pack your backpack purposefully over time.

Christine Kunnathuparambil

Christin knew early on that she wanted to do something to help others. While studying law, she realized that although she had to read a lot of literature, it was also often discussed – much to her delight. If she gets tired of those hundreds of pages, she likes to relax with a good movie, with friends, in the world of art or on trips to distant countries or to her native India.

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