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Facebook wants to identify and fire low-performing employees

Facebook apparently ordered its managers to monitor employees from the technical department. They identify underperforming employees and report them through an internal tool so Facebook can assess whether they are worth keeping.

Facebook has reportedly asked its executives to monitor developers from the company’s technology department. Team leaders should identify underperforming employees to assess whether they are worth keeping.

Again Business Insider reported, according to a letter from Maher Saba, Facebook’s chief technology officer, to other executives at the company. Therefore, they should track down members in their teams who fall into the “needs support” category.

Facebook wants to lay off non-performing employees

Managers should then report their employees through an internal performance review tool. According to Maher Saba, the goal of the process is to release people who did not get on the right track. Every manager should think about their team and what value Meta employees bring. Saba added:

If the line manager is stagnant or underperforming, we don’t need him; he is a failure in this society. As a manager, you cannot allow anyone to be meta neutral or negative.

From a hiring freeze to mass layoffs?

Facebook’s parent company Meta froze recruitment again at the beginning of May 2022. Financial director David Wehner justified the move at the time and Decline in sales growth. However, many of the company’s employees are now afraid of being fired.

Meanwhile, an employee told Business Insider that Facebook is doing this to stem the “surge of spending” on new hires. As of March 2022, the American group employed more than 77,000 people. Compared to the previous year, this corresponds to an increase of about 28 percent. Facebook has not yet commented on the incident.

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