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Employment of children at home: ideas and suggestions

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In the current situation, many parents are facing the problem of having to keep their children busy at home. This can be exhausting as you will eventually run out of ideas for things to do at home. How to entertain children at home? what can you do

Find the structure

Before we get into specific ideas for keeping kids busy at home, it’s important to address something that’s generally useful. Not only job ideas can be challenging, but also the overall organization of everyday life without structuring school or kindergarten. The situation is not made easier by the fact that parents work from home, which is currently widespread when children demand attention even during working hours.

Families should therefore purchase it customized daily structure consider, introduce and implement them. For example, this might look like there are fixed times for getting up and going to bed, as well as fixed working hours for parents, during which the children are free to work or do schoolwork, fixed meal times and fixed times together. Not only is there a clear structure for parents to help them manage their day, but it can also support children if there is transparency about what is needed and when.

job ideas

The following are specific ideas and suggestions for keeping children busy at home. These are listed in different categories and are suggestions only.


First of all, it should be about how to keep children busy at home and bring movement with them. If you really want it to be very sporty, you can exerciseswhich are specially designed for children or family that can be found in video form on various platforms.

Another idea, make it your own skittles poke and play it. This requires 9 empty 2 liter PET bottles and a tennis ball or something similar. The bottles serve as pegs and the ball represents a bowling ball.

Also a obstacle course through the apartment may be an option. Dancing to your favorite music, possibly in the form of a stop dance, is another idea. Plus you can limbo to play using a broom as a stick. If you want to appeal to a child’s sensory system, you can do that too barefoot path crafts from different materials.


Now should go ideas how to keep children busy at home and which stimulate and encourage creativity.

It might be an idea, dear Convert a book or audiobook to a game and play it or that too paint. The idea of ​​creating your own goes in a similar direction poem or one of your own story invent and when the children are big, write them down.

Sticking to a theatrical theme and adopting a different character is also that dressing up good idea. This can then be done as part of a photo shots funny photos can also be taken. If you don’t like dressing up and don’t want to act like an actor yourself, you could have your own Shadow theater to be something All you need is a cloth to hang over 2 chairs, a lamp or flashlight and cut out figures to light up with this lamp.

Musically, it goes with one Chaos Orchestra will. Music plays on pots, bowls, buckets, glasses, pans and more.

If skill is to play a role, learning magic tricks be a possibility. Also learn from origami can address and promote agility.

When it comes to keeping kids busy at home, painting should not be missing. There are, of course, many ways to paint a picture in the “conventional” way. A diverse idea can be a ball close. A drop of watercolor is placed on a piece of paper, which is then blown out with a straw. With a few balls and colors, beautiful pictures can be created. Also potato print may be a change from normal painting. It can also be fun to use finger paints be, especially for smaller children. and decoupage he can also spice up the painting by making a picture with it. Also Window color is suitable.

When it comes to crafts, there are many ideas and possibilities that can be realized with children, especially at Easter. Classic can Easter wishes eg jingle and written for grandparents as well as Blow and paint the eggs it might happen. Also Easter Bunny you can play creatively with a wide variety of materials, there are many designs on the Internet. For example, one idea is to get one Pom Pom Easter Bunny poke around. Tutorials on the Internet explain how to make a pom pom out of cardboard and wool. If you have two such pom poms (larger and smaller), you can tie them together. A smaller pom pom represents the head, on which eyes, ears, etc. are glued. A cotton ball can be glued to the back for a tail.

They are suitable as handicraft materials egg carton good as well as empty Toilet paper and kitchen rolls. There are many ideas of how they can be used. Making or shaping with salt dough can also be fun and offers many creative possibilities. Another general idea is to do window decoration.

If it’s something sensory, you can use your own and non-toxic ones slime be made with children, which is suitable for playing. There are many different ways to do this that can be found online.


In addition to these ideas that address movement or creativity in children at home, there are also ideas that bring nature into the home. So e.g they camped in the living room become or just one cave be built of blankets, etc. Then one can do it bonfire to be created, with empty and painted kitchen rolls representing wood and an electric candle in the center is the fire. Also a picnic can take place in the home. Plus you can soap bubbles made from water and washing-up liquid, which can then be blown out of a window or balcony.

It should be quieter, listen audio books be an alternative to reading a book, for example if the child is still too young for it. Also a film night with popcorn, soft drink and your favorite movie can be nice.

This may also be interesting if Parents play with their children something they used to play as children. This way, children learn something new and parents can share memories with them. Inventing your own game is also an idea that can inspire new possibilities.


Keeping children busy at home can be a challenge. In general, it can help to create a solid daily structure to get through the day better. Some of the ideas listed are creative proposalswhat you can do together with the child or what the children can do independently. In addition, there are many other ideas that can be used and implemented, so this list is not intended to be exhaustive.

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